Breaking the mega pixel myth

Breaking the mega pixel myth

Shubham Vyas Photography like any other art is a way to express oneself. Nowadays photography has reduced to point-and-shoot due to the high end...

Shubham Vyas

pix2Photography like any other art is a way to express oneself. Nowadays photography has reduced to point-and-shoot due to the high end cameras on phones. Not everyone who can paint is Da Vinci or who can hit a key on the piano a Beethoven. Similar is the case with photography. Pointing the camera at a subject and clinking "SHOOT" is not what photography is all about, it has much more depth than that.

One needs an eye for photography like one needs an eye for art. Every photo has a story behind it but not every photo tells that story in a proper manner. A photograph needs to be self explanatory. "A picture is worth a thousand words". A photo is too, but only when taken correctly. And to do that requires training, practice and patience.

To be a photographer, first one has to be an observer, only by observing can one be able to capture his/her surroundings. But to capture exactly as observed or imagined required training and knowledge of the equipment. Else there will a difference in what the photo was supposed to be and what the photo actually is. Learning is a never ending process and hence patience is a prerequisite.

It is due to the lack of patience that people go for simple Point-And-Shoot cameras and phones. I would partly blame the advertising for such a trend. The information showed in the advertisement gives people the wrong idea about photography. A simple example of this is "Megapixel myth". People think that if a camera has higher number of megapixels then it is good. No doubt that megapixel is a important part of photo quality

but it isn't the only part. For everyday use 5-6MP is enough.A This example is one of many of the simple concepts that people fail to understand the basic concepts of photography and make big mistakes which costs them a lot of money. This can be avoided by simple teaching people about photography, what it is, and how to do it properly.

They say that there is no age for learning but if you teach a child something useful and creative he will not forget it for the rest of his life. Hence I believe that the science of photography should be introduced at a early time in a person's life, with the best time being in high school.

Photography not only teaches students creative and useful skills for the future, but it is also a very interesting hobby, one has to know the technical aspect of a camera and also be imaginative to shoot good photos. There is a huge gap between a person who can shoot photos and who can shoot good photos and this gap can be bridged by proper training at a early level. It will inspire the student to explore various opportunities in his or her life and help decide a better future.

"Photography is like a drug, only people who do it understand what it is" (B.Tech. (Aerospace), III semester, Srm University, Chennai)

Byas academy of photography is conducting one-day workshop on 21st April from 3pm to 7 pm. Course fee is Rs 2,000. They are also conducting 3 week workshop for students from Class VII-X in first week of May. Course fee is Rs 4,000. For more details contact Shambhavi at 7799345513

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