Celebrating the genius of JK

Celebrating the genius of JK

P Thyagamoorthy Sarma The address DNo 7-169, Raghavendra Rao Street, Madanapalle, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, has a unique importance as it...

P Thyagamoorthy Sarma jkThe address DNo 7-169, Raghavendra Rao Street, Madanapalle, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, has a unique importance as it is here that philosopher and thinker Jiddu Krishnamoorthy (JK) was born. A good number of foreigners visit this house regularly even today. Soon after he passed away, The Krishnamoorthy Foundation of India and the Rishi Valley School management started taking care of JK Study Centre. This study centre has a good number of books written by him besides related audio and video equipment. Every Sunday between 10 am to 1 pm and Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm, this house hosts those who would love to explore his philosophy. Recently the study centre welcomed MPhil students of different universities who had come to study more about JK. JK is well-known as a teacher around the world. Thousands of people used to gather to listen to his discourses. They maintained pindrop silence. The only sound that could be heard was that coming from the mouth of JK. In his speeches, he never used the names of the religious books, historical persons, or political leaders of the present or past and never quoted anyone. His way of dealing with the topics and interpretations are quite different. He expressed creatively and made the topics interesting. His words always had innovative meanings and definitions. He always played with the words, and in some cases the meaning of the word he used was quite different from that of the dictionary meaning. He defined, explained, commented and criticised to prove himself as a world teacher. Listeners surrendered to him because of his inborn intelligence, and creativity. That is why the whole world awaited to see an another Mithreya till JK has come to take that place of Mithreya. Annie Besant adopted Jiddu Krishnamoorthy on the advice of OL Sharma, the then principal of Theosophical College, Madanapalle, started by Anne Besant in 1915. OL Sharma was a close relative of JK family. JK was born on May 17, 1895, to the Velanadu Telugu speaking Brahmin couple Jiddu Narayanayya and Sanjeevamma. The Theosophists awaited this Mithreya for many years and their desire was fulfilled once he was born. Annie Besant became the President of the Theosophical society, Adayar, Chennai (Madras). In 1911, Annie Besant, with the help of some others, started an institution by name "Star Of The East" and made JK the head of it. But in 1922, he faced several difficulties. He went through a distressful life and was so frustrated that he, in the presence of a gathering of thousands, abolished that institution (Association/society) and never cared for the properties of that association or his position. Annie Besant also was silenced and she only gazed at Krishnamoorthy with wonder. In 1929, speaking in a very big historical gathering of the world, he lamented that no 'ism' has shown a truthful way to the man to lead a life. Man must be an unconditional one. He must have his own thoughts and expressions and he must be free from the conditioned state, he stated. In 1986, he breathed his last. Till then he toured all over the world and delivered several lectures. He never thought that he is a guru and the others are his followers. He is a friend of all and enemy to none. He used to discuss his concepts with teachers, scientists, doctors, philosophers, educationalists, statesmen and the intellectual giants. All were convinced by his talk. (The writer is in-charge of Jiddu Krishnamoorthy Study Centre, Raghavendra Rao Street , Madanapalle, Chittoor Dist)
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