Ditch superstition, shape your destiny

Ditch superstition, shape your destiny

Many cities do not have a 13th Street, a 13th Avenue or a 13th floor in their apartments. If the bottom of your right foot itches, you are likely ...

  • Many cities do not have a 13th Street, a 13th Avenue or a 13th floor in their apartments.
  • If the bottom of your right foot itches, you are likely to go on a trip.
  • If the palm of your right hand itches, you will be getting money soon.
  • Hospitals in most Western countries do not have bed number 13.
  • A knife or a hand kerchief as a gift from a lover means that the love will soon end.A
  • It is bad luck to cut your fingernails on Friday.
  • If a black cat walks towards you, it brings bad luck.

dr bv pattabhi ramWhy do people believe in such things instead of believing that they have control over their destiny? We design our own destiny. People, who have superstitions, don't want to believe that they have control over their destiny and they are comfortable living with superstitions.

These beliefs are very primitive and some people are so scared of denying. For example why they are scared of Friday, the 13th?. The answer is simple.It is traditionally believed that Eve tempted Adam with the apple on a Friday, and the death of Jesus Christ, took place on a Friday.

In India, some people believe that 9 is a good number and that it would bring them luck. They spend a lot of money to get number 9 and its multiples, for their telephone number or car number. If this were true, then how do you explain the recent accident, in which two young boys were killed while the car number was 9999, in Hyderabad. Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh NTR was an ardent believer of the good luck that the number 9 brings. He came to power in nine months; surprisingly, the instances that took place subsequently, had lead to his fall are also associated with the same number 9.

He was the Chief Minister for 7th and 8th State Assemblies; However, he lost in the elections for the 9thAssembly. He was elected again for the 10th Assembly, but stepped down in the ninth month. He died on 18 which is a multiple of 9.

A friend of mine who read a book on numerology advised me to change my name to BV Pattabhi Ram because it consists of 13 letters which will act as a hindrance to my fortunes. He advised me to change the spelling as Pattabi instead of Pattabhi. Initially, I was little worried, but the knowledge of positive thinking and self-confidence made me firm and stick to my original name that was christened by the parents.

Later I found great people like Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam and many other successful people have 13 letters in their names. It is your mindset and attitude that decide your destiny, and not the number of letters in your name. Some other superstitions might have some basis. "Don't walk under a ladder, it's bad luck" - well, someone could be working up on that ladder and might drop their tools on your head. That certainly wouldn't be good luck.

Some such superstitions are used to educate children about basic safety, because they don't understand the danger and the risk involved. Most people get their earliest ideas of what is true from their parents and grandparents. A little later we learn from our teachers, and perhaps priests. None of us would have time to discover everything for ourselves.

Ominous questions

1. You are just coming out from the house, and somebody sneezes: a) You turn back, drink a glass of water and now go out b) You don't bother about it

2. When you are going out, you see a black cat coming towards you: a) You come back and start after five minutes b) You proceed without bothering about the black cat

3. You have received a letter from a god-fearing man who advises you to make 10 copies of the said letter, and send the same to 10 friends to attract good luck and that if you do not do as directed, something bad will happen: a) You are scared and immediately make 10 copies and despatch b) You tear the letter into 10 pieces as you believe that god does not need this cheap publicity

4 . Your friend is suffering from some psychological problem. His family members said that somebody has done black magic or witchcraft. What do you do? a) You take him to a black magic practitioner for mantras or talismans etc. b) You take him to a psychologist or a psychiatrist for treatment.

5) You got an appointment order and have been asked to report on the next day, but the next day happens to be Amavasya, a no moon day, which you feel is inauspicious: a) You request the management to extend joining time by one day b) You just go and report because the same Amavasya is considered auspicious and good for Tamilians.

6. Since morning you have developed itching at the bottom of your leg. Your grandmother said it is a sign of journey: a) You seriously expect a journey b) You simply start scratching, as it is a natural thing to do, without worrying about the journey

7) The newspaper vendor has come to collect the bill, but your family members advised you not to make the payment as that day is Friday, very auspicious to Hindus and Muslims. a) You request the boy to come next day b) You pay the bill.

8) Your neighbours called you in the midnight as a snake has bitten their child: a) You advise them to go to a snake charmer who can spell some mantras b) You tell them to rush to doctor for anti-venom injection

9) When you woke up in the morning you saw a person whom you feel as a bad omen and believe that you will have to face some difficulties throughout th day: a) Immediately you go back to bed, sleep for some more time and then get up b) You don't believe in this superstition, as there are no bad or good faces

10) When you have faith in God, you try to perform 'pooja' every day and one day you could not do the routine, due to some unforeseen circumstances: a) You feel guilty throughout the day b) You believe that it is all predetermined

Check your answers, count how many points of 'a' and how many 'b's you have ticked. If you have ticked 'a' for almost 8- 10 questions, then you are superstitious, your attitude may hamper your career. Try to analyse situations in a scientific manner. 'a for almost 5 to 7 answers means you have some superstitions, but not very seriously.

Develop reasoning abilities. 'a' for almost 3 to 5 answers means you have no strong belief in superstitions, but feel there is nothing wrong in believing so. If you have ticked "a" for just 1 or 2 questions then you are a positive thinker and you do not waste time in following the age old superstitions.

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