Generate employment for better India

Generate employment for better India

Winner of Tata Building India School Essay Competition 2010-11 K Sreeraj of Sangha Mitra School, Hyderabad, won the competition for the following...

Winner of Tata Building India School Essay Competition 2010-11 K Sreeraj of Sangha Mitra School, Hyderabad, won the competition for the following essay he wrote


Subject: What can we do as a country and as citizens to reduce poverty and ensure basic amenities for every Indian?

Introduction After 63 years of independence and two decades of liberalisation, India still has not achieved the status of developed country due to ineffective implementation of policies. It is important to quote the words of Mahatma Gandhi here, "To man with an empty stomach food is GOD".

WHAT IS POVERTY? Poverty is a condition in which a person fails to maintain a lifestyle adequate for comfortable living. ln India, a certain sector of people are unable to fulfill their basic needs. According to Indian Appointed Committee, nearly 38 per cent (380 million) of lndia's population is poor.


1. Unequal distribution of income

2. High population growth

3. Illiteracy and unemployment

4. Corruption and bribes in Government services

5. Rural migration to cities.



As health of a nation is a direct reflection of its well being and prosperity, it is important to maintain good health standards. The productivity of people is also low due to poor health care and under nourishment. We should have good human resources to contribute to the economy. The government has to set-up more hospital in rural areas to improve the primary standards.

2. COMPULSORY EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIPS: As one third of our population is illiterate, effective implementation of free and compulsory education till the age of 14 years and scholarships for low income students to continue higher studies and professional education.

3. GENERATION OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: The Government should continue to set up industries in public sector and encourage setting up of more private industries to increase the direct and indirect employment opportunities.

4. SETTING UP SMALL SCALE A INDUSTRIES FOR THE UNEMPLOYED: The economic policies of the Government to provide loans at low interest rate through banks for starting small scale industries must be implemented.

5. PENSION FOR OLD AND DISABLED PEOPLE: The Government should allocate funds to distribute pensions so that the old and disabled people have financial support for their living.

6. ROLE OF NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS: They should work in only specific developmental activities that would help in the betterment of people from low income group to avoid duplication of welfare programmes.

7. OTHER MEASURES: a: Proper administration of the public distribution system so that they reach the needy and the deprived. b. Providing low cost housing facilities to the rural people. c. Educate farmers to increase their agricultural and food grain output. d. The corporates should give back to the society by contributing a share of their income for developmental activities. e. Citizens and other private bodies should pay taxes to the Government on time.

8. ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS: The Government should step up to plug the loopholes in legal, administrative and financial systems through rightful governance.

CONCLUSION: Various processes like Nehru Rozgar Yojna, Prince Minister Rozgar Yojna have been implemented to a certain extent, but they can be helpful only if they go to the people whom they were meant for. Education and awareness among people to change their mind set also contribute towards making India a poverty free nation � the nation everyone dreams of.

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