Government fails to supply books, uniforms

Government fails to supply books, uniforms

Nothing concrete on fee regulation Govt schools reopen today after summer vacation 700 schools shut down, merged with nearby ones BH Ramakris...

  • Nothing concrete on fee regulation
  • Govt schools reopen today after summer vacation
  • 700 schools shut down, merged with nearby ones
BH Ramakrishna GovernmentIt is the day for the schools to reopen all over the state. Thousands of students will be enter into the new classrooms and new environment with renewed enthusiasm. But invariably, they will be greeted by a plethora of problems, thanks to the failure of the government in addressing them. State government has openly admitted that it could not provide the text books and uniforms for underprivileged students as promised on the day of reopening of schools. It has also failed to bring an Act to rein in the private institutions from fleecing the middle and lower middle class families with exorbitant fees. In a way, it is the same old story. Minister for Primary Education and Text books, S Sailajanath told media that books will not be ready in the next three weeks. "We will try our best to supply them by the end of this month. Printing of 70% of books was completed i.e. three crore books were printed so far. The delay was largely due to revision of syllabi and increase in production" he explained. This is a reply that has been heard very often from government quarters each year. Students, especially those in government schools are in a state of confusion as what should they do for next one month without books. Corporate schools have printed their own material and they will run the show without much difficulty. On the uniforms front, the Minister admitted that there were some practical problems. 'We thought of handing over the stitching responsibility to SHGs but it was not properly organized in some areas. We tried to hand over the material to parents, but they are not getting it stitched. Let me assure you, in another one month or so, we will try to provide uniforms to all without fail" he said. But it appears impossible as more than 70% of the work on uniforms has not yet taken off. The Minister played the same old tune with regard to containing private and corporate schools on fee. "Government tried its best but due to court related litigation, it could not do anything" was his routine answer. He has also asked the public to come with complaints of exorbitant fees collected by the school managements so that the government could act sternly. Usharani, Commissioner of School Education informed that the government has moved an application in the High Court to vacate the stay. " It is not just the fee structure we are looking into. We are also going into the details of how admissions are made, that means, whether the reservation policy is adhered to or not, what was the criterion followed to admit students etc. we will certainly act tough if any anomalies are found. Government has also informed that nearly 700 schools in rural areas were 'merged' with the nearby schools due to less number of students and teachers. In other words, the schools were shut down as part of the rationalization programme. On the other hand, Rajiv Vidya Mission has completed phase I of the Vidya sambaralu, the ambitious programme to increase the enrollment and bring back the drop outs in rural areas. From June 12 to 19, it is going hold workshops on several issues.
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