In America, be American

In America, be American

While immigrating to America, make sure you don't dislike America, its administration in any aspect or disagree with America on issues of serious...

While immigrating to America, make sure you don't dislike America, its administration in any aspect or disagree with America on issues of serious concern to the United States, or don't have any problem with endorsing the United States' policy american1Last week, the United States had witnessed a plethora of events and developments�good, bad and the ugly! The good things came first from effective testing of an experimental solar aircraft�the Solar Impulse�flown successfully for 2 hours from the Moffett Federal Airfield in the Bay Area's famous Mountain View city of the California State in America. Next, the US Department of Motor Vehicles' public debate in Sacramento on the use of driverless cars that are imminent to hit the busy California roads sooner or later during this decade (they were mulling on whom to charge in the event of an accident involving these automated vehicles�the user or the manufacturer?) And, last but not the least, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services' announcement that it will release funds to the tune of $10 million for citizenship preparation programs for those living in various parts of the country on immigrant visas. Finally, the "bad and the ugly" have come out from two Chechnya brothers and their ghastly bombing of the Boston Marathon by using pressure cooker devices to ignite multiple explosions. It was really weird that such a calamity was engineered on the American soil by two brothers who reached America from the war-torn Chechnya to extract great benefits from the US immigration process (they reached the US first on immigrant visas and were naturalised later as US citizens).
The Boston bombings have obviously raised many eyebrows in America and across the world on how far these people (immigrants) have really been integrating with local communities and culture in the United States and staying loyal to their new nation and its aspirations and regulations? It's not only about terrorism vis-� -vis immigrants to the US. It's also about immigrants and their love and affinity for their new nation and pristine devotion and adherence to the ideals as set in its Constitution. Prior to learning the rights and responsibilities of an immigrant in America and rules governing the obtaining and maintaining of Green Cards, it would be useful if all prospective immigrants to the US could put to themselves few simple but serious questions like-Do I dislike America or its administration in any aspect? Do I have any disagreement with America on issues of serious concern to the United States, for example, its foreign policy. Do I have any problem with endorsing the United States' policy to uphold equality, human dignity and human rights for its people, unmindful of their origin, religion or color? Better not to seek immigration to America if your answer is "yes" to any of these questions! Also, if someone is "caste-oriented" in his home country and unable to extend equal treatment to others around him/her, he or she would be a "mismatch" to the American society which is based primarily on the principles of equal respect. However, barring few like the Chechnya brothers, all the immigrants in the United States mind their own productive business, love to merge with the American culture and society; and contribute significantly to the enrichment of values in the country. As you are aware, one among the Chechnya brothers was killed in his confrontation with the police in Boston and the other suspect�Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (19), had been captured and hospitalised in "critical but stable" condition. While authorities suspect that Tsarnaev "may not be able to answer any of the interrogators questions permanently," Civil Liberties activists in America have been demanding that Tsarnaev be given the "Miranda warning of his right to remain silent (at the time of interrogation) and have a lawyer present" next to him during the course of questioning by the law enforcement authorities (the "Miranda Right" was derived from the "Miranda V Arizona case" in the US Supreme Court in 1960s). Though a serious offender of the US immigration system, Tsarnaev is now getting the support of civil liberties' activists in America with regard to extending the "Miranda Right" to him. The young terrorist had upset an entire nation by participating in the bomb attack that killed three and wounded more than hundred people in Boston; but some attorneys have come forward to argue for Tsarnaev to uphold his legal rights! That's the whole essence of America as well as the principles of freedom and equality that it has been committed to giving to its people. Prospective immigrants to the United States should observe this diversity very keenly and opt to migrate to that country only when they could find that they are not a "mismatch" to the society there and its core values.
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