Is study of human psyche useful?

Is study of human psyche useful?

What is the scope for BA Psychology? 'I think, therefore I exist', so said a famous philosopher. Nothing could illustrate better that the mind...

studyWhat is the scope for BA Psychology? "I think, therefore I exist", so said a famous philosopher. Nothing could illustrate better that the mind (psyche) is indeed the central point of human existence. Not surprisingly, nothing can be more interesting and enthralling than psychology, which involves the study of the human mind/psyche. This field is gaining immense importance with the rise in mental and emotional stress levels in individuals, whether it is business executives, performers or athletes, psychologists are needed everywhere to combat stress levels and improve performance. But, a BA degree is normally not enough in this upcoming field, you need to do at least a major's in this subject and gain an in-depth knowledge base in a specified area. If you can do a Phd/Mphil, then nothing like it, opportunities for people with advanced degrees in psychology are expanding in number as well as in scope. With an MA in psychology, you have a large amount of opportunities available such as academics, market research, drug trials, schools, clinics, hospitals, social research, courtrooms, prisons, corporate offices, ad agencies or pure psychometric testing. A post graduate diploma can also be done in this subject, but then your professional role will be defined according to it. Psychologists conduct both basic and applied research, serve as consultants to communities and organisations, diagnose and treat people, teach the subject, test intelligence and personality, work as health care providers, assess behavioral and mental function and well-being, study how human beings relate to each other and also to machines, and work to improve these relationships. You can also work independently or team up with other professionals, like scientists, physicians, lawyers, school, personnel, computer experts, engineers, policy makers, and managers. You have to understand your special interest and then, try and decide on the right area of specialisation. Once you decide the specialisation, and the university to study, the journey becomes a bit easy. It is an exciting time to be a psychologist. All the best!
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