Job prospects of CFP professional

Job prospects of CFP professional

In India there are just around 1,600 people with certified financial planner degree as of now and the demand is expected to rise to about 1,00,000 in...

In India there are just around 1,600 people with certified financial planner degree as of now and the demand is expected to rise to about 1,00,000 in 2015 job2Certified financial planner certification Certified financial planner certification education program is designed specifically for high-achieving business professionals, and career changers who are looking to enhance their education without interrupting their careers. The program's innovative course content, faculty interaction and learning environment help you apply your knowledge and skills to problems professionals face in today's marketplace. Excellent faculty members expose you to cutting-edge ideas and practices that will be relevant in the current market scenario. Some of the largest companies in financial services industry have sponsored executive-potential employees as students at FPSB India. Certified financial planner designation has become the most widely recognised, prestigious and internationally accepted financial planning qualification. It is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards of education, examination, experience and ethics. The CFP certification wins trust and presents opportunities worldwide. In this era of super specialisation, once you have achieved CFP certification, you join the prestigious league of over 120000 CFP certificants worldwide. A certified financial planner professional is one who takes a holistic view of financial life of an individual and provides him with strategic advice in regard to investment, insurance, tax, retirement and estate needs. Unlike product sellers who represent the interest of manufacturers of these products, a CFP certificant works for the consumer, and does not have any particular product in mind when approaching a client. Certified financial planner certification in the country is administered by Financial Planning Standards Board India; an affiliate of the US based body, Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd An increased demand makes CFP certification an attractive option: The demand for CFP certification has caught pace recently because the world has now started knowing the value of the knowledge that a CFP certificant gains from the extensive study of finance. FPSB India is the apex authority which gives the person a right to use CFP marks with his name. In India FPSB India, through an agreement with US-based body FPSB Ltd is the marks licensing authority for CFP marks. CFP certification education programme is not only the best finance course but is also a globally recognised mark. In a country like India there are just around 1,600 CFP certificants as of now and the demand is expected to rise to about 1,00,000 in 2015.
job3Global recognition
CFP certification is recognised in 24 countries across the world. For example a CFP certificant from India is permitted for incidental use or restricted use in other territories with a simple declaration as per the "Cross Border Use of CFP Marks" policy of FPSB Ltd. He/she can also practice in both territories by suitably completing certification procedure of the respective countries.
Job prospects
CFP certificants have a bright career when it comes to seeking an employment across financial services in general and wealth management and financial planning in particular. There is an added advantage in the form of an option to work in a corporate or to start his/her own private practice. CFP professionals have multiple sources of income. They earn commission on the trades that they execute for their clients or products sold by them; they earn consultation fee for discussing and solving problems of their clients. Alternatively, enjoy a regular income by way of salary in case they prefer to work for a corporate. There is a dearth of CFP professionals as the certification demands intense training and learning of specialised skills in personal financial engineering like a physician or an architect. More and more people are joining CFP certification programme to reap the unique advantage of demand far exceeding the availability of trained and qualified professionals.
Eligibility: Pass in Intermediate (10+2).
One can complete degree as well as diploma in banking and finance with certified financial planner certification in three years and can get ample job opportunities with leading financial services company in India. And complete MBA in distance learning in two years which can be helpful for further job growth prospects. After graduation: After completing graduation one can do MBA with diploma in banking and finance and certified financial planner certification and can get ample job opportunities with leading financial services company in India. . Degree and PG courses are offered in distance learning mode through Lovely Professional University. Lovely Professional University has been established by an Act of State Legislature and programmes offered by LPU are recognised by the Distance Education Council (DEC) and Joint Committee of the University Grant Commission (UGC), Distance Education Council (DEC) and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Hence, all qualifications awarded through distance education by LPU stand recognised for employment purposes.
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