Job search made easy

Job search made easy

Gen-Y need not struggle to search for jobs as their search for jobs are made easy by job portals which feature recruitments by Cos find jobPurnima Sriram ...

Gen-Y need not struggle to search for jobs as their search for jobs are made easy by job portals which feature recruitments by Cos

find jobPurnima Sriram The fact that a top job portal in India recently announced that it is receives 12,000 resumes every day, modifies 72,000 daily and is servicing 42,000 corporate customers (2010-11 figures) proves that job portals are what most youngsters and working professionals approaching for their jobs.

Gone are the days, when our parents and grandparents struggled to search for jobs and get employed in the companies. Thanks to the evolution of internet and the services it offers which has made it easy for the gen-X to search for jobs. The job portals like Monster,,,, and many more gives the privileges to the searchers to look for a suitable job with suitable package in suitable city. Let alone, job portals, the social media is also helping the youngsters in knowing about the jobs available and also about various career options with the same qualification.

The organisations and companies, who want to hire employees, register their company's name, details and requirements with the portals and applicants who want to apply can directly approach the company or they can even approach the company through these portals. These portals co-ordinate with both the parties and gets their work done. They send mails to the applicants about the job available and they even alert when the resume needs to be updated.

Vikas Kumar Pingali, CEO of, the first job portal for teachers in India, says that many educational institutions have registered with them and he also stated that they have received more than 9,000 resumes so far. "When we receive a resume, we don't usually forward it directly. We cross-check the resumes as there are possibilities of receiving fake resumes and fake experiences. Before we proceed, we check if the applicants are genuine or just fooling around to test the efficacy of job portals. We select the authentic resumes and blacklist the rest," he adds.

"I just passed out from college with Foreign Trade degree in hand. I have registered my names in and I used to get mails from about the vacancies available. Recently, I got a call from Amazon to attend an interview. They got my details from one of these portals. These job portals are really helpful as I got a job in to Amazon now," says Nehal Agrawal, a graduate from St Francis College for women, Begumpet, Hyderbad.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter also helps people to know about the jobs and companies. The companies, institutions and organisations create a page on Facebook and keep posting about the company updates and vacancies. "Once when I was scrolling down my Facebook homepage, I just happened to find a post on a page called about the vacancies in Tata Consultancy Service. I immediately furnished my details and applied for a job. Thanks to the job portals that have also created their pages on Facebook which helps a lot of youngsters in getting a job," says Shanthi Veerasetty, who graduated from Badruka College in Hyderabad in 2012.

Jobs portals are useful to many but for some, it doesn't serve the purpose. "I registered my name and resume in and Monster But instead of getting jobs that suit my profile, I get recommendations for jobs like receptionist or for some sales executive when I had clearly mentioned that I am an engineering graduate," says Rohit, Marketing Manager at E-Commerce.

A Few job portals 1. Monster India. Com 2. Naukri. Com 3. Timesjob. Com 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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