Personalised attention and teaching

Personalised attention and teaching

CCTV surveillance across St Adam's High School, Rajendra Nagar, in Hyderabad ensures that every student gets the attention and care he or she deserves ...

CCTV surveillance across St Adam's High School, Rajendra Nagar, in Hyderabad ensures that every student gets the attention and care he or she deserves Purnima Sriram per2Here is a school which uses iPads instead of computers. A school which strongly believes in the traditional school timings of 9 am to 4 pm. It has marked its presence and succeeded in its mission in the midst of corporate culture. A school, which is one of its kind for various reasons.
St Adam's High School was established by VV Ramana, a government school teacher, on May 5, 1985. Frustrated with the highhanded attitude of teachers and their lack of passion for teaching in the school he worked. He decided to start one on his own. His motto was to educate students with love and inculcate values in them. "The textbooks changed and the aided teachers followed guides. They did not encourage teachers with talent. They treated us like slaves and that is why I decided to start this school," says the Secretary-cum-Founder of the school. It was started in Chikkadpally and in 2004, they started one more branch in Rajendra Nagar. Ramana, the Founder-cum-Secretary, said that they had only eight students and two teachers when the school started.
The school with 2,000 students, 108 teaching and six non-teaching staff, boasts of CCTV surveillance to ensure safety and security besides individual care and attention for every student. They have 48 classrooms in Rajendra Nagar, a swimming pool and a 1-000-yard playground. They have one iPad lab, Maths lab, Science lab, language lab and also audio visual rooms for all the classes. They also have an auditorium with 1,000 capacity. They run 12 buses to ensure students can reach the school safely.
They follow both CBSE and SSC Board of Education with interactive method of teaching. CBSE syllabus is common till Class VII after which students can choose between SSC or CBSE. High school students are imparted computer education at the advanced level. Co-Curricular Activities Every year, the school celebrates sports day and annual day, Teachers Day and Children's day on a grand scale. Sports gets equal importance too. Every Saturday, they have 120 activities including the popular ones such as essay writing, elocution, drawing, arts and craft, singing etc. Saturday is totally allotted for activities. Students of four houses namely Vijayanagara (Red), Kakatiya (green), Mourya (blue), Shatavahana (Yellow) compete to outdo each other. Karate and dance classes are conducted twice a week. Science fairs are also observed in this school every year. They celebrate every festival in the school to help students understand its significance. The focus is on practical experience rather than just bookish knowledge. Pre-primary students learn colours not through an insipid colours chart or a poster but through colorful fruits and vegetables as part of their 'Colours Day' exercise. Recently, the school organised a Philately exhibition where students collected 10 lakh stamps and coins.
The school has won 28 medals in Mathematics Olympiad, 42 medals in science Olympiad and 14 medals in English Olympiad. per3per4per5
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