Practise the 8Cs of persuasion

Practise the 8Cs of  persuasion

Credibility l Commitment ContrasA Confidence ConsistencyA Courtesy Communication andA Constant persuasion Did you ever buy an...

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  • ContrasA
  • Confidence
  • ConsistencyA
  • Courtesy
  • Communication andA
  • Constant persuasion

Did you ever buy an article just because the sales girl insisted? Have you ever joined as member in a multi-level marketing scheme, as you could not say 'no' to your friend? Did you ever commit a social mistake against your deep rooted moral principles because your friend persuaded you to do it? If your answer is 'yes' for any of the above two questions you need to know that there is an excellent skills involved in it called as "Persuasion". If you are planning to take up marketing profession you better learn the art of persuasion.

In our childhood I am sure we all heard the story of a Brahmin who was cheated by four thieves by convincing him that he has a dog , not a goat. In school we also heard the story of Mahatma Gandhi who persuaded Indians to fight against the British to get Independence. In both cases the bottomline is persuasion.

The power of persuasion rests on getting people to do what you want willingly, resulting in a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Everyone has tactics for getting what he or she wants by hook or crook. The art of persuasion, of influencing the people around you, is a vital skill in the workplace. Without it, you'll simply be an ineffective leader, manager, teacher, or a parent in future.

Persuasion does not mean to mend or bend people to your iron will, or get people to do what you want with compulsion, manipulation or coercion, but at the cost of trust and long-term cooperation with colleagues or customers. Here are the ethical techniques followed by the masters of marketing who are altruistic humans and achieved success in the field of insurance, banking and other division. Knowledge of these techniques may also be useful to defend yourself from persuasion by people who are considering only their personal benefit.

8 'C's of persuasion 1. Credibility: It is the quality of being believable or worthy of trust so that people believe and accept your proposal.

2. Commitment: It is not just promise or creating hopes. Until and unless commitment is made, people will not come forward to accept the deal.

3. Contrast: It is the act to show the differences between, or the comparative excellences and defects of the proposals or deals.

4. Confidence: Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful in getting the things done.

5. Consistency: It is a state of the condition of standing or adhering to your commitment so that people develop confidence and trust on you.

6. Courtesy: An act of civility or respect; an act of kindness or favour performed with politeness.

7. Communication: It is an act of communicating the message to your clients or customers in a way they understand, whether verbally, non-verbally or in a writer manner.

8. Constant persuasion: It plays a pivotal role in achieving what you desire ultimately. In constant persuasion, one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the communication method, and the third the timing.

Check your persuasion quotient

Here 10 questions are given. Please read and tick your answer Yes/No 1. Do you believe that you can convince your friends to believe?---- 2. Can you pursue people till they accept your proposal? ----- 3. Do you listen to others, though they are not fair? ----- 4. Are you mindful of the body language when you talk to others?----- 5. Do you think your body language synchronises your talk? ----- 6. Do you keep meeting your client and reinforce the proposal? ------ 7. Do you change your modulation according to the situation?----- 8. Can you convince your friend/client without criticising your opponents?---- 9. Do you honestly believe in the matter that you propose? ----- 10. Are you ready to make little alterations and compromise, if demanded?----

Your score 9 and 10 'yes', your persuasion is very good 7 and 8 -Good, you need to update the art of persuasion 5 and 6 -Average, observe successful people and learn 1 to 4 you need to practice the persuasion techniques.

To achieve success follow these simple techniques from this moment forth. Practice better communication skills. Say 'we' instead of 'I',whether you are in business or profession don't forget to give re-assurance to the clients by saying 'we', which is more productive to compromise than to say 'I'.

The use of "we" immediately conveys a sense of belonging, commonality and support: If you want to be heard, listen. Giving the other person chance to speak not only gives you vital clues to their wants, needs and mood, but also shows that you aren't just there to look after your own interests.

If you want to achieve success in persuasion first you practice to listen to others. Finally keep your sense of humour infact at all times. It is the best weapon for disarming a harsh critic.

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