Pratibha Awards honour top-scoring govt students

Pratibha Awards honour top-scoring govt students

Vandemataram Foundation honours students who have secured a GPA of 9.7, 9.8 and 10 with medals and certificates; Parents and Headmasters of the...


Vandemataram Foundation honours students who have secured a GPA of 9.7, 9.8 and 10 with medals and certificates; Parents and Headmasters of the respective ZPP schools also felicitated

Vivek Vardhan

An unblemished innocence and a sense of achievement adorned the ambience of Ravindra Bharati auditorium on Monday, where an entire fraternity of education had gathered to appreciate the 2013 SSC toppers from all districts of Andhra Pradesh. Not only the students who secured a GPA of 9.7, 9.8 and even 10 received medals and certificates, but also their parents and Head masters of their respective ZPP schools were invited and presented with shawls and mementos. These children proved to the world that achievement comes as a result of a strong will power and industrious efforts and not merely by charging tens of thousands of rupees as exorbitant school fee.

Vandemataram Foundation, a community development organisation, which has been taking up the cause of education, empowerment and motivation of thousands of students in government schools of Andhra Pradesh, organised the event. Volunteers from various schools and student organisations made the event a huge success.

Guests who attended the event included VV Laxminarayana (CBI Joint Director), Usha rani (Director of state projects, Rajiv Vidya Mission), Leela Lakshma Reddy (Chairman of Council for green revolution), Basavaraj Patil (Member of Parliament), S Aravind Reddy (MD of Greygold cements limited), Swami Bodhamayananda Maharaj (Ramakrishna Mission), R S Praveen Kumar (IPS, APSWREIS), Somi Reddy (Rangareddy district educational officer) and Capt. Mamatha (Flytech Aviation Academy).

Speaking on the occasion, Ravindra, founder of Vandemataram Foundation, shed light on the plight of our Government schools, which are desperately crying-out for infrastructure and basic facilities. He said that the unprecedented boom in the private school industry has taken away a large chunk of students from Government schools due to the neglect these schools have fallen prey to, in the recent past. He said that the student count in Government schools had fallen to alarming levels, resulting in the closure of more than 1,200 Government schools across the state. His one-step solution to this problem is to reserve 25% of Government jobs for children passing-out of Government schools.

R S Praveen Kumar said that Government schools are the centers for communities, and Government teachers should strive to become part of the communities to attract children. He gave the example of Yellaiah Sir in Siricilla Mandal, who as a teacher, transformed children in villages into successful citizens by dedicating his life for educating communities. Having completed his school education in Government schools, he strongly believed that 'Crisis management' can be more effectively done by Government school students than the private students, as they are exposed to critical situations in life, even as children.

Usha Rani said that the students in government schools have performed better than private educational institutions in the past and have secured 90% jobs in the recent DSC recruitment, which shows the superior capability of these Government institutions as compared to private schools. Swami Bodhamayananda Maharaj praised the intellectual capability of Indians by pointing out that the BBC had declared in their findings recently that the youngest Headmaster in the world hails from Murshidabad district in West Bengal. Babar ali, who was just 18 years old then, started a school with just eight students while being a college student himself, which had grown to 980 students.

Laxminarayana hoped that next year, Government schools will create history by recording the best results in SSC exams, so that the awards function next year could be organised in LB stadium in a grand fashion. He opined that knowledge should develop a feeling of enlightenment and zeal to achieve something in life. Addressing the teachers, he said there are two types of teachers who influence a child- 'Gurus' and 'Sadgurus'. He said that both are useful for a child to succeed in life. He said that Gurus should transform themselves into Sadgurus, to become role models for their students. Just the way unwanted plants which sprout-up around a useful plant are removed, we must remove all the bad influences from affecting a child. He added that parents and teachers should offer support like the stick, which is put in support by the side of a growing plant, so that the plant does not bend and break, until the plant grows into a strong tree.

He asked the teachers to make the children read Swami Vivekananda's books, even at an early age. He had three pieces of advice for the children who were present on the occasion. He told them that they have to make their parents feel proud of them repeatedly, every year. He challenged the students to reach a position, where their own school and college administration should invite them as chief guests in the future. He believed that one must achieve a position where he/she should give autographs, instead of asking for it. Highlights of the event were a song by Lenin (a volunteer), storytelling by Pragna (a little-miss sunshine), and a fabulous classical dance performance by Chandana (a small wonder). There was also a group dance performed by many Government schoolchildren.

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