Rama still the Uttama Purusha for Gen Y?

Rama still the Uttama Purusha for Gen Y?

On the occasion of Srirama Navami, Young Hans spoke to a few youngsters if they consider Rama to be an ideal man and son/husband. Is he still a...

On the occasion of Srirama Navami, Young Hans spoke to a few youngsters if they consider Rama to be an ideal man and son/husband. Is he still a paragon of virtue?A

gen1We are talking about a man who lived centuries ago and most people consider him a God even today. It is not surprising that many of our generation think he made mistakes and we don't really consider him a Uttama Purusha. Ramayana happened a few centuries ago and our thoughts of what is right and wrong were shaped in those days. So not many may be relevant today. That lord Rama did set high standards in living can never be denied though. He was obedient, kind, helpful and nobody pointed a finger at him for sending his wife Sita to the forest. In today's world, you cannot just ask your wife to get out of the house because you heard a rumour that she has been unfaithful. That would be absurd. Though all his other traits are noble, he is a man who didn't trust his better half. If he did the same thing in today, he'll end up as a loner or divorcee. - Vyshnavi Gopalakrishna, Student, TIME

gen2Lord Sri Rama is a prominent figure in Indian mythology well known for his tactics of war and Governance of the kingdom of Ayodhya. Is he really a role model today is the big question. According to Valmiki Ramayana, He is a God and an Avatar of the Supreme Being. But according to Dravidian Ramayana, he is a normal and selfish conqueror whose family had no respect for women. Except in Valmiki Ramayana, there is no solid proof of Ravana trying to touch Sita. Eventually, the epic is the opinion and interpretation of Valmiki and that alone should not dominate the thoughts of today's youth. Youth must realise that both Rama and Ravana have good and bad traits. One should remember that it's the characteristics that should direct us, not the characters. - Harish K Naidu, student

gen3The present generation is so engrossed in their own lifestyles that they hardly find anyone who is spiritual except during examinations. They are so busy with their avocations that they become self obsessed. They hardly consider anyone as ideal person, let alone Lord Rama as Uttama Purusha. Amongst youth, I doubt if Rama is considered an ideal person.

- Ruchika Kapdule, Geetanjali Engineering College

gen4Though I live in an era where gadgets are valued more than human beings, I believe that Rama is the ideal person. I got to know about his deeds and virtues from my grandparents and parents. I admire his character and his virtues even today because no man of this generation is perfect in their deeds. People shower false love on their parents, better halves, friends and colleagues, but Rama's love for his people and subjects was true and unconditional. People berate him for being heartless and sending his wife Sita to the forest, but nobody realises that whatever he does, he does for a reason unlike the present generation. Personally, I consider Lord Rama to be an Uttama Purusha.

- G Hari Hara Subramanian, Student, Sri Chaitanya Junior College

gen5Personally, I have never thought of Lord Rama to be the Uttama Purusha � Ideal Man. But I guess it would have definitely taken a paragon of virtue to be considered as Lord or the greatest king in his kingdom to be followed or to be believed by today's generation. I consider only few of his qualities as supreme. He was a great man, but he wasn't perfect. He too had many flaws.

- Khusbhoo Choudhary , Student

gen6Lord Rama is certainly an inspiration to the youth even today. Leaving for the forest following his father's instructions without questioning his decision teaches us about obedience towards parents. He never A cursed his step mother Kaikeyi for sending him to the forest. King Sugreeva failed to keep up his promise of going in pursuit of Seetha and continued to rejoice his victory over Vaali with Rama's help, yet he said no word and stayed patient despite suffering. He never let any woman cast her shadow upon him, unless she was his wife Seetha. Never did he complain about Lakshmana leaving Seetha alone in the forest which was the origin of all the troubles. All this put together is a lesson that teaches to obey parents, to be altruistic, patient, stay balanced even in midst of distress, be generous enough to forgive and love your people, to respect women, and a lot more. If today's youth can follow even a few of these qualities, India will have a better future.

- Shashikanth Yogeeshwar, Student, MVSR Engineering College

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