Spontainety is the crux of my life

Spontainety is the crux of my life

Says Telugu actress and youth hearthrob Tapsee PannuA I dislike using 'method' as a shield, to defend me from being vulnerable. So, though I came...

Says Telugu actress and youth hearthrob Tapsee PannuA tapseeI dislike using 'method' as a shield, to defend me from being vulnerable. So, though I came from a typical Sikh family, I made myself grow merely with the innocent spontaneity of my childhood and youth. I don't know who taught me the momentariness of the life; but, it was fixed in my mind that life is too short to be spent planning and cribbing. Therefore, I start living, as a principle, every moment of my life with spontaneity. I was born and brought up in New Delhi. I did my schooling at the Mata Jai Kaur Public School, established by a Sikh educationalist in New Delhi. Despite its roots in conventional ideals, it carved my formative days with inspirational staff and exceptional learning environment. It reinforced my spontaneity and prepared me for the future challenges. I learnt Kathak when I was young. I never agree that beauty and brain are antonyms and beauty has inverse relationship with intelligence. During my days of my graduation in Computer Science Engineering from the Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology in New Delhi, I excelled both in studies and extracurricular activities related to performance. In college, I even developed "fontswap", an application for the iPhone. I was also a full-time model after I got selected for Channel [V]'s talent show Get Gorgeous, which eventually gave me a break in acting. I got placed in Infosys while pursuing Bachelors in Engineering. But I gave up the cushy software job as I wanted to do MBA from a B school to become an entrepreneur. I even managed to score 88 percentile in CAT, but destiny directed me towards glam world. My stint in modeling fetched me several ads. I don't plan my life, I believe in going with the flow! My family, of course, is my pillar of support. The biggest difference after joining movies is that my day has become super busy. I was always busy with some or the other activities.
When I was in school, I was a tomboy who was completely into sports! I used to play football with the neighbourhood boys. I'm also passionate about dance. I learnt Kathak and even managed to create my own dance group at college. I was into extracurricular activities. Most of my credits came from college events like debates. I come from a typical Sikh family and the idea of getting into modelling didn't go down well with my father and my grandparents. But after showing them the output of my work, their anger kind of mellowed down. The most cherished moment in my life was when I got a selected for Miss India and of course the moment I got offer in my debut Telugu movie 'Jhummandi Naadam'. (As told to Sandeep Atreysa)
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