Strictly adhere to rule book in us

Strictly adhere to rule book in us

'What if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your...

Rao"What if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand?" The seemingly improbable thing and a great poetic imagination of Samuel Taylor Coleridge is sure to cast a realistic spell at least in one area of human endeavor. At the zenith of your long dream in higher studies, you are bound to retain with you the heavenly (dream) flower that eventually adorns you in the form of perpetual knowledge. And, in the case of pursuing your dream in higher education in the US, the divine bloom comes to you along with a mystical fragrance as well! To be a proud recipient of such a magical blossom of knowledge from institutions of higher learning in the United States, you shouldn't forget even in your dream that honesty and hard work are the key elements that dictate your success in the land of Liberty. While helping you to broaden and restructure your perspectives, US universities offer you an outstanding learning experience as supported by world-class teaching standards and state of the art technologies. A melting pot of diverse cultures, the United States has been the leading destination for international students from across the globe (India ranks number two, next to China, in the list of international students in America). Board
The interactions and relationships that you build up in due course with other students from several countries on a US university campus will form the synergies required to get you the leadership role in future endeavors, either in career or in business, in your home country. And, always keep on top of your mind that this rewarding experience is the proud privilege of those who adhere to nothing other than honest procedures and hard work in the pursuit of higher education in the US! A learned friend of mine had commented that many of us do not have adequate knowledge of our own legal system or statutory requirements as mandated for every citizen of the country. We treat these domains as exclusive territories for police, lawyers, law makers or judiciary and do little either to understand the subjects or recognize our own responsibility in the whole process. Our children grow up in a society where rules, regulations and procedures are flouted for money, influence or pressures on a routine basis. This kind of environment is not conducive to generating utmost devotion towards best practices or adherence to the rule of the land among the younger generation. As our own system is sluggish in terms of inculcating a sense of strict adherence to procedures in our children, they are often confused in their approach while seeking opportunities in countries like America where rule of the land is more important than Oxygen for everyone in the country! I didn't have much to argue with my learned friend who made these observations. It would be of immense value to US-bound students if they could take a clue from the above statement and prepare themselves to adjust their mindsets in tune with the precision-loving and picture-perfect US procedural norms (at all stages of their university admissions or visa interviews) which are entirely different from our own regulations in terms of firmness and implementation. As this piece is not discussing about intentional violators like a student who tries to settle illegally in the US after attending a medical licensing examination, those who are genuinely confused between the two systems and make mistakes without any intention might consider to keep in mind the following line for ever A clean hand can only reach a heavenly flower!.
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