True value of training

True value of training

Invest time and resources in finding the right mentor at work Sophia Lorena Benjamin It may appear to be expensive to train your employees, but it ...

Invest time and resources in finding the right mentor at work

Sophia Lorena Benjamin educIt may appear to be expensive to train your employees, but it will cost a lot more if you don't train them. Let's use cricket as an example to literally market the benefit of training. Like sports persons, observe successful businesses and you can certainly credit that to the time and investment made in training. Whether you consistently achieve, sales targets or no, give weightage to the value of training each and every member of your team.

Training can and will elevate one's performance to a higher level and make more members become active contributing members of your team. In the rapidly evolving industry all across India and on a global scale, it can be the difference between success and failure, happy or dissatisfied customers, or at most extreme, the difference between life and death of the business. This may sound dramatic, but a vehicle that's not fixed properly is dangerous, and it is just as dangerous for a business to continue to run without regular training and motivation of its workforce.So just what are the potential benefits of investing in training?

Improvement of the capability and productivity Almost everything you do in daily life is a result of what you learned through some type of training. Even something as elemental as tying your shoes, you were trained to do by someone. The first few times you did it, you were slow and tentative. Now you can do it with your eyes closed.

The same gain in efficiency can be realised through training and education. The more efficient and experienced someone becomes, the more productive they are. When you produce more, they, and the business, gets better. Cycle times are reduced, fewer mistakes are made and waste is minimised. Still wondering how training can benefit you? A better service offered to the customers. All of us have seen and known the damage caused by poor customer service and lack of knowledge. Some bad customer service stories are unbelievable. It can get your fired or get you a red mark in the annual report. It might have a cascading affect on how your boss will evaluate your performance.

Education is an ongoing process that should never stop Remember too that your master sales consultants and high performing sales managers can and should be teachers. Their knowledge should be made available to everyone in organisation so that the entire staff can benefit. Try to foster an environment that encourages this type of training in addition to the standard book training. Learn from your seniors around at work as much as you can. Take the feedback given seriously and work on those lines to perform better. Invest time and resources in finding the right mentor at work who will help you improve your productivity and performance by training you in your job.

A healthier bottom line This is a no-brainer. Better trained employees lead to happier customers, which lead to additional customers and repeat business, which leads to greater revenue. It's simple basic math. Of course training carries a cost, but its benefits greatly outweigh the cost in dramatic fashion. Proper training will save time and improve service quality and shorten the sales cycle. Successful businesses who did a study on the correlation between training and its potential to increase revenue found that employees involved in training showed roughly a 15 percent increase in revenue that was directly related to efficiencies gained through training efforts.

For now, however, it is undeniable that training offers much more benefit than it may cost. In today's economy and understanding the current status of the industry in general, it may hurt initially for a business to invest in training. But it will hurt a lot more if you don't consider India is positioned to become one of the world's largest economies with the most opportunities in the world by 2015.

(The writer is an image consultant & corporate trainer. )

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