I still remember Pythagoras Theorem

I still remember Pythagoras Theorem

Students should study to gain knowledge, not for marks, says Gudimella Raja Sekhar, popularly known as RJ Shekar Basha I did my schooling across...

Students should study to gain knowledge, not for marks, says Gudimella Raja Sekhar, popularly known as RJ Shekar Basha

I did my schooling across several villages as my father was an engineer with irrigation department and used to often get transferred to villages where there is some or the other project going on. I had to change my school almost every six months. But as my father was in a top position, I never faced any problems in getting admissions even in midterm and that too in villages. I studied in Telugu medium till Class VIII and shifted to English medium after that. My life was a roller coaster ride with so many changes happening every year. I don’t have any childhood friends as I never got to spend much time with my classmates because of my father’s postings. But I am happy that by virtue of being a nomad, I easily connect to the callers on radio geographically even today.

I loved to study and I always studied to learn something new and gain knowledge. I never studied for marks. Maths and Physics were my favourite subjects. I used to research on the chapters and learn them in advance. I was a very silent student who used to always sit in the last bench and study. Sometimes, I would also correct my lecturers. Even today if someone asks me about Pythagoras Theorem, I can explain. I remember most of the lessons I learnt. I used to encourage my colleagues to understand the concept before working on it. I believe that one should understand the answers instead of just learning them for exams and forgetting later. Inspired by movies like Shiva by Ram Gopal Varma, I initially wanted to become a filmmaker. Those movies triggered the urge to become director in me.

Even while doing engineering, I would get recommendations to meet directors and come to Hyderabad to meet them. I would tell them about my dream. I kept applying for jobs like acting which could help me achieve my dream but it somehow it did not work. My father was completely against me becoming director. I would come to Hyderabad secretly to meet directors. I had attendance shortage and my college even sent notice to my parents. Later, I made an agreement with my father. I asked him to give me one year time (2003-2004) during which I promised to prove myself, but I lost in the end. But my father understood my passion and asked me to do whatever I want, but at the same time asked me to have a backup job in my hand and keep trying to reach my dream. It took me two years to achieve my dream.

Though I would be silent in class, I had fun outside with my gang of friends from Nellore and few from other places. We used to make up our own stories and create scenes for fun. People there liked my spontaneity. Then I realised that it is my strength. I completed my BTech in Computer Science from Mysore in 2003 and came to Hyderabad in 2004. As I loved Match and Physics, for about three to four months, I worked for an institution called Matrushri in Nallakunta. There I used to prepare question papers for IIT JEE aspirants.

I started my career as a software engineer with a company called “Compact”. I joined as VJ in Gemini Music in 2005 April. Red FM, (previously S FM sister concern of Gemini Music) gave me my first break as an RJ in November 2006. That’s when my voice went on air for first time. I had a negative opinion on radio but now it has completely changed. I feel radio is a powerful medium as the popularity I got in radio was ten times more than of TV. What I love about radio is that it lets the audience use their imagination whereas in TV, the audience have to see whatever is shown on the screen. In August 2007, I shifted from Red FM to Big FM. Right now I am directing a movie which will release soon.

- (As told to Pratima Shantaveeresh)

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