Creativity, the scientific way

Creativity, the scientific way

A look at some of the interesting projects that caught Yuvraj Akula’s eye at a science exhibition in St. Theresa’s Girl High School,...

A look at some of the interesting projects that caught Yuvraj Akula’s eye at a science exhibition in St. Theresa’s Girl High School, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad. The exhibition is a part of the ongoing INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research a programme by Ministry of Science & Technology) - district-level science exhibitions taking place in the city till August 30

Gold from CPUs

With gold prices shooting through the sky, a project on how gold can be extracted from old CPU was demonstrated by students of Sai Krupa High School, Yousufguda. “As many parts in the CPU have gold plating, upon mixing those parts with Hydrochloric acid and Hydrogen Peroxide, gold can be produced in small qualities. About 8 gms of gold can be generated from 100 old CPUs,” says Rajavardhan and Sunil Singh Class X students.

Clap On and Clap Off

Clap switch by a student of Ravindra Bharathi, SR Nagar, bowled over visitors at the venue. “The light goes on and off with clap sound. The clap switch uses transformer, sound sensor, bulb and a circuit. The required amount of power is transferred to the bulb. When someone claps in a distance of 100 metres, the sound sensor gets activated and supplies power to blub. When one claps again, the sensor gets activated and power goes off,” says KV Vamshi

Fuel from waste materials

With frequent increase in petrol prices, one has to think for an alternative fuel. This attempt made students take up the project on fuel generation through plastic in an eco-friendly way. “We generally throw unwanted plastic material, but that unwanted plastic can be used as a seed for the generation of fuel. Upon treating plastic with different solutions and putting it through distillation, three products can be obtained - gasoline, kerosene and diesel. Fuel can be generated within a day or two,” says Mahesh Gaikwad, Class X student of Vivek Vardharni High School. Fatima kauser from MS Creative School, Tolichowk,i demonstrated how power can be generated from waste food material using eco-friendly techniques.

Action Se Reaction Tak

The project by G Anil Kumar and P Mouneshwar from LR Kishore High School, Hyderabad, is based on the Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states that every action and reaction are equal and opposite. The duo demonstrated it by using air pump, bottle and water. “The bottle is filled with the water and air through an opening. The opening has to blocked using a finger or a rubber cork. When the blockage is removed due to excess pressure in the bottle, air and water gushes out and the bottle moves forward,” explains G Anil Kumar. We spent Rs 300 for the project and we finished it within a hour with the help of our Physics teacher Ramu,” adds the duo.

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