My mom was my favourite teacher

My mom was my favourite teacher

Says Parnika Manya, Telugu playback singer. She recalls how her teachers’ perception in college about her changed drastically after she stood in ...

Says Parnika Manya, Telugu playback singer. She recalls how her teachers’ perception in college about her changed drastically after she stood in top five despite her hectic music career

I studied in Karimnagar up to Class III and later moved to Hyderabad. I studied at Satavahana High School up to Class X. I pursued my MEC from Sri Chaitanya Junior college. Though I hardly attended my classes, I graduated from MNR Degree College in Hyderabad.
My naughty avatar would come to the fore whenever my teacher was absent. I was notorious for pushing other kids when the teachers were not around. I hardly attended college in my degree days. I just had 40 days attendance every year. But whenever I attended my classes, I used to do be mischievous. I used to pluck the flowers from one girl’s head and put in on other girl’s head.
I started learning music when I was in Class III. In Class X, I started learning music under Ramachary sir in Hyderabad. Initially at college, my lecturers threatened to detain me in the same class if I did not attend college. However, their perception about me changed drastically after my name featured in the top five rankers of the college. After they came to know about my singing career, they understood that my music classes and singing assignments were the cause of my irregularity to college. Later, I became a good of someone who balanced college with career. Throughout my school days, I scored 90 percent consistently. In graduation days, I was forced to prepare at the last moment because of my music classes. Ten days before the exams, I used to solve the model papers day and night.
I was so immersed in attending music classes at Little Musicians Academy that I once forgot that I had a non-detailed subject for which I had to study. Luckily my friend reminded me about it and I had only one option to catch up with it. I burnt midnight oil, asked her to explain the gist of the lesson. Then I added my own flavour to it. Lo and behold! I scored more than her. I guess I passed by fluke. I would not advice anyone to do such ‘one day’ batting unless there is strong and valid reason for it.
My mother is my favourite teacher. She taught me Science in Class VII and VIII. Of course she never gave me extra marks or never leaked the question paper to me, but her friendly attitude made not just me but all the students to like her. She gave all the liberty to the students and always ensured that every student was well prepared for exams. She was a student-friendly teacher. Although my focus was more on music than academics, I always cherish those memorable moments which I spent in school and college.
(As told to Purnima Sriram)
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