India needs 14k Chem engineers in 10 years

India needs 14k Chem engineers in 10 years

India Needs 14k Chem Engineers in 10 years, Chemical Engineers, Royal Society of Chemistry. India needs 14,000 chemical engineers in the next decade, the experts said at ChemCareers 2013 that took place in Hyderabad on Friday.

India needs 14,000 chemical engineers in the next decade, the experts said at ChemCareers 2013 that took place in Hyderabad on Friday. The objective of the job fair jointly organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, IICT, Hyderabad and RSC Deccan Section was to provide students an opportunity to learn about prospective employers, receive expert advice from professionals and gather information on new career options in Chemistry. Over 750 students from Hyderabad attended the fair.

Career fair with a difference was the tagline and so was the job fair. The most common heard statement by most of the presenters was to experiment with the subject to enjoy it. ChemCareers 2013 was all about introducing job opportunities to Chemistry students in the industry and motivating them to take up career in the subject instead of moving to other fields.
The first session consisted of symposium where students were educated about emerging career options. Pintoo Ganguly from Sigma Aldrich, Bangalore, spoke about career opportunities in specialty industry. Pankaj Patel from Abellon CleanEnergy, Ahemdabad, spoke about emerging trends in Biofuel research. He was concerned about people getting increasingly reliant on medicines for healthy life instead of on healthy food.
Dr Bhanu Manjunath, Syngents, Goa, shared about careers in agro Industries. Dr Nita Sachan, Indian School of business, Hyderabad, presented on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship in life sciences: Opportunities and Challenges.’
Professor Nalin Pant from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, spoke about Chemistry as a passport to opportunity. Prof G Nahari Sastry, IICT, Hyderabad in his presentation about Chemistry with Computer (CWC) mentioned the benefits a person in this industry can get if they implement use of computer during their experiments and research activities. At the same time, he warned about the demerits which use of computer can cause.
Balancing convergent and divergent thinking competencies was spoken on by Dr Lakshmi Narasimhan, Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore. Prof. UN Das educated students on research and opportunities one can avail in public and private institutes in India. He said that calcium and Vitamin E which are known to be healthy can also land us up in hospital if one takes in more than required amount. He said that chemists can make their career in industrial hygiene, quality control, research and development. “They can also find jobs in education sector, forensic investigation, resource industry, waste management and public health. They are also hired as writers for journals”, he added while presenting.
The afternoon session consisted of presentations by industries and companies which hire Chemistry students. Companies informed students about the skills they look for in chemistry graduates to be able to hire them. Indian Institute of Packaging introduced their course on packaging to the students.
The evening session trained students on Soft skills. Resume writing and tips on facing interviews was taught by Arun Pillai, British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad. Julie Franklin, RSC, UK spoke on importance of drafting statement of purpose and offering references. Niorrp Raacha,Director of Texavi solutions, Hyderabad spoke on job search through social media. During personal interaction with him, he said that recruitments have come down from walk-ins and filling in application forms to finding a prospective employee online. He said that Chemistry should be integrated with Information Technology for better job opportunities in the field.
Talking about the subject with Young Hans, Julie Franklin said that Chemistry teaches team work, problem-solving and time management techniques to students.
Rakesh, organiser of ChemCareers 2013, said that the job fair was conducted with a view to bridge the gap between industry and the students. The companies were given opportunity to build their brand and inform students on what they look for while recruiting a Chemistry graduate and the students got an opportunity to interact with them directly and understand which company they can fit their skills into.
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