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Think 3-D, Infrastructure Development, Civil Engineering. My father is in the real estate business, and I want to study civil engineering if I pass...

My father is in the real estate business, and I want to study civil engineering if I pass my Eamcet. Is it construction of buildings or is there more to it and what is the scope in this stream of engineering? - Rekha Talwar, PG Road.

Civil engineering is a professional engineering, which deals with the designing, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, canals, dams, gas and water supply, sewerage systems, harbours, airports and railways and buildings on all levels, in the public sector from municipal to national government and also in private sectors, from individual home owners to international companies. Throughout the lifetime of a civil engineering career, the employment circumstances might vary considerably to work around different needs and interests; and allows you to be much flexible.
With being good in Maths, it also requires design and science skills. You need to be able to think in three dimensions and have the ability to think how things work structurally. It also requires research team work, leadership and business skills. Entry level engineers do tasks such as analysis or design and interpretation while senior engineers are in to design and analysis of complex projects, managing other engineers or into specialised consulting.
While in college, obtain an internship in the civil field that most interests you. The experience you gain is invaluable not only to help you establish and clarify your career goals, but also to gain valuable experience.
Construction experience (internship) in your field of interest may have as much, if not more, value for your future career as a civil engineer as good results in your degree.
Due to the infrastructure development happening in our country, civil engineering has ample scope and also this field has lot of specialisation like, construction engineering, municipal engineers, structural engineering, transport engineers, distribution engineers and urban engineering which will fetch maximum number of opportunities in the Indian job market. Infrastructure development organisations in India are: HCC Infrastructure Ltd, Maytas Infra Ltd, Reliance Infrastructure, Punj Lloyd, Subhash Projects, Sadbhav Engineering, GMR Infrastructure to name some.
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