Mera wala ‘2 States’ love story

Mera wala ‘2 States’ love story

Mera wala ‘2 States’ love story. I am sure many of you would have seen the movie ‘2 States’ & enjoyed it too.

I am sure many of you would have seen the movie ‘2 States’ & enjoyed it too.

Well, let me tell you my love story which kick started more than two and half decades back and had all the drama, twists and turns which made the film so engrossing.

I had always thought instant love was as impossible as instant nirvana.

This notion of mine was shattered when I joined Rourkela Steel Plant and was asked to report in the Discussion Room of the Training Chief. When I entered the room I saw a girl sitting on a sofa.

“Are you also a management trainee,” she asked and smiled. “My name is Madhavi.”

I looked at her and was mesmerized. I had never seen any girl so devastatingly pretty.

At 11.05 on 23rd October, 1986 I fell instantly, insanely in love. At that moment I knew I wanted to marry Madhavi, ASAP.

I went about achieving Mission Madhavi with a dogged determination. I had always been an incorrigible flirt. However, earlier my flirting had been a kind of aimless indulgence. But in this case it was with a purpose: to somehow impress this angel and make her mine.

If it took me slightly more than six seconds to decide that Madhavi was my soulmate, it took her exactly six months and six days to make up her mind to be mine.

The next day she left for Bhubaneswar to tell her parents. I too wrote to my father.

Three days later I received a telegram from him: “Congratulations to you and Madhavi.”

When Madhavi came back she looked utterly drained out.

“What happened?” I asked.

“My dad he has simply gone berserk.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know we are Telugu Vaishnavite Brahmins.”

“Ya, I know, and I am a Marwari – that too hailing from North India!”

“Y…yes, I mean – father doesn’t mind me marrying anyone as long as he is from our caste.”

“But Madhu, surely you could have reasoned with him?”

“You think I didn’t try. I cried, I wept, and I ranted. It was of no use.”

For the next couple of months things continued in the same vein. Then finally one day she dropped the bombshell.

“Ramen, I am sorry. But I cannot get married to you. My father would die and we cannot build our future on his pyre.”

I resigned and went back to Hyderabad, but we kept regularly in touch.

A few months later I received a letter. “Dear Ramen, there is no point in continuing a relationship which has no future. So let us say goodbye forever and move ahead.”

This was the last straw. I went into a deep depression. I started writing like a maniac, like a man possessed. In a span of two weeks I wrote 21 poems. On an impulse I bundled the poems and sent them to her, without any letter or even a note.

A week later I got a two line letter from her.

Dearest Ramen,

“Can you come to Rourkela for one last time? If you are too busy I’ll understand.”

I boarded the train the same day. “Ramen, I can’t stay without you. God knows how much I have tried. But it is impossible. I cannot survive without you. "

“Have you told your parents anything?"

"No, of course not. If I get married to you my dad will obviously be very upset but I'm sure he will come around eventually."

"Then let us get married right away.”

I approached the management of RSP and was told that I could join back but only as a fresh entrant – that meant I would be around two years junior to Madhavi. I agreed – after all it was a small price to pay for getting together with my life, my love.

On March 26, 1988 we got married. Obviously only my side of the family was in attendance. Her parents were informed the next day. There was a lot of drama which continued for close to three years.

How did the impasse end? Well it took a 3 kg wonder and her pristine smile to demolish the wall of fury that existed between my in-laws and me. The moment my daughter Ankita was placed in her grandpa’s lap there was a transformation. He probably realized that any person who had contributed to the ‘creation’ of this angel couldn’t be a devil!

Now we are one big happy family. And though Andhra Pradesh has been fractured our ‘2 States’ are in a state of unity and near bliss!

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