Bandari Srinivas Vidyanikethan: Parvasthu Creative Foundation

Bandari Srinivas Vidyanikethan: Parvasthu Creative Foundation

Where does the concept of education start from? Why does a child need education and a place like school? These questions sound quirky but does anyone really try to figure-out the answers. And, even if the answers are found, they will be categorised under financial, physical and mental aspects. Practically, the mannever notice nor emphasize the raw materials. For instance, a mineral ore is neglecte

Where does the concept of education start from? Why does a child need education and a place like school? These questions sound quirky but does anyone really try to figure-out the answers. And, even if the answers are found, they will be categorised under financial, physical and mental aspects. Practically, the mannever notice nor emphasize the raw materials. For instance, a mineral ore is neglected and a mineral is negotiated.

In human perspective,a stone is worthless until it is carved down to a sculpture anda white paper is stared for not more than an half second until it is scribbled or crafted. Thus, any raw material gains attention, respect and vulnerability only when it undergoes a process called transformation. Likewise, a child transforms to an individual, thereafter to a responsible citizen by the medium called EDUCATION.But unlike the process of transformation of ore to mineral, the education is a never ending process of learning.

Educationcarve out the mind and make oneself think and act according to the social, human and moral values and teach basic life skills to make one’s life easier and happier.Earlier, in olden days, children were sent to Gurukul to learn the lifeskills which included physical, mental and social activities but now-a-daysit is absurdly mistook that studying books for limited years and getting good grades, further accounts huge money. This is just one of those unwanted opinions turned pseudo facts of the so called society.

Education is not about the amount, one invested in it but it is all about what one mostly makes out of it for one’s life.Parents begin to endure the pressure in one particular issue once their kid turns 2 i.e. to find the best school to get the admission for their offspring. Finding a crystal in an ocean is merely difficult.But when one finds any, it is worth sharing with others. Here, for parents who really are wishing and willing to contribute to a reasonable, well-mannered and disciplined upbringing of their kid, definitely opt for this school in Chevella.

There emerged few schools breaking the regularity of the educational system. One among them is The Bandari Srinivas Vidyaniketan, whose prime motive is to mould a child into a complete social animal and a respectable, a responsible citizen of the nation, India.

About Bandari Srinivas Vidyaniketan:

This is a school in Chevella, R.R.district, in the state of Telangana, provided withthe physical factors like good infrastructural facilities and well-educated teachers.The heart-warming, pleasant environment around is evident of the hygienic standard and serenity of the school. Classes from Nursery to VIII standard are scheduled and well organised.Soon, the school is going to start up with the 9th and 10th grade too. One, who stands out of the BSV compound, may wonder what makes this school so special! But, one who steps in once,erases all the misconceptions, over-thoughts and false prejudice.

This is overwhelming to learn that the school seems to be working under a theme that is related to the functioning of the traditional India. Like traditions in India were introduced to maintain harmony between people and that can be achieved only when people meet, interact, work together. Eventually, rituals were created and ordered to practise and that was how, festivals walked in to the picture. Likewise, to make students know the value of unity, this school organises events very often, besides creating an opportunity for each individual to explore one’s strength and extract the best out of oneself. They emphasize on the growth of every individual inside and outside.

A school with 3 acres of land for sports defines their conviction to make students aware of health and physical fitness.Because they decided to go with the saying, “A sport can teach the figures of success and failure”. Sports not just boost up physically but also mentally and teach sportive-ness that is essential for living and leading life. The more the students get exposure to the sports, the more they get inherited with the quality of being sportive and self-confident. The school time is well scheduled at the earliest to meet all the requirements.The BSV is an English medium school with great team of faculty.

The communication skill of every student is relatively good and the efforts management take to make students realise the importance of communication skills is stupendous. It is mandatory for them to understand the application and utilisation of English. For the best career of the students, BSV consider English as an obligation. And for achieving this, they started one English club which conducts workshops for development of communication and language skills of the students.The lack of practical knowledge hampers the visualisation and understanding capacity of the student.

The school understood the need of practical learning and teaching and trying to achievethis by providing English, Science, Maths, Computer Lab, Library. Being the school of 21st century, they know the importance of technology and so they want to enhance their students’digital and technological knowledge to lead in the world which is competitive.The subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology are practically taught in respective labs by conducting various written experiments. And this helps students to build up more focus towards the subject. The Teachers, in here, follow both the conventional and digital method of teaching. The ground for this type of educational environment in school is because of the Parvasthu Creative Foundation which is why this school can be honestly recited for its attempt to achieve the true meaning of the education.

Summer camp:

The BSV is conducting summer camps for the month of May that lasts till the end of the month. Courses include many artistic programmes, Sports, Vedic Maths, Computer classes, Calligraphy classes. Madhukar Swamy, the founder of the

Parvasthu Creative Foundation:

The youngsters in the rural areas are left unemployed because of lack of Personality development ,communication skills and technological skills. They are treated as backward people in all the fields. Though they are talented, they are not getting proper opportunities to prove themselves. So, we decided to make the kids of the village, who are soon to be the proud citizens of the India, to be acknowledged about science and technology and their applications and their advantages. Following the Government schemes, we are trying our best to provide educationto the kids at affordable cost.


The Bandari Srinivas Vidyanikethanstands unique because of this characteristic of following XCEED, as their curriculum. It is the conventional method of teaching that is accompanied by a 5-step experiential learning approach where teaching and learning is specially developed irrespective of the type of syllabus of various boards in India. The XCEED method is practised in an estimated 3,000 schools across the developing countries in the Asia.

This technique replaces the teaching method prevailing in the classrooms since ages. Each school gets one XCEED coordinator who instructs the fellow teachers, the steps to be followed while teaching in XCEED method. This simplifytheir difficulty in understanding the subject and nullify the pressure of lack of memory power, they feel while studying and preparing for examinations. Not all schools are implementing this method but one among the few is theBandari Srinivas Vidyaniketan.


The Parvasthu Creative Foundation organise camps and let students participate in various activities which improves their personalities. Parents often feel students get sandwiched between the studies and extra-curricular activities. But, in here, we witness a programmed schedule which is stressless. Many social awareness programmes are organised in the school regularly, proving that wisdom to a child is as important as knowledge.Free health campsconduct health check-ups and educate children regarding fitnessand basic awareness on body and environmental hygiene.

There is a necessity of educating them because only the practice from childhoodmoulds the character of the child in the long run. Students get to serve nature by planting trees on the World Environment day. Memory Workshop provides free training, tips to improve memory power, reading skills, study tips, time management during and in exam etc. This helps out students to tackle the pressure during the exams thereby succeeding with adorable performances. The International Yoga Day is celebrated to spread the awareness among the students regarding the importance and benefits of practicing yoga in daily life. All the students participate in the events organised on the International Women’s day.

No student is biased under gender and children are taught to respect girls, ladies and treat them equally. The essence of patriotism is witnessed on the Police recruitment training day, where the students get an opportunity to interact, discuss with the Police department officials. Sports Coaching Foundation visit to the school, the last time, was very interactive and playful. Children with great pleasure and joy disclosed their happiness regarding the event and their love for sports. Still the nation leaders’ stories and their victory are recited here.

Every national festival like Republic day, Independence day, Teachers’ day, Children’s day are also celebrated with utmost respect. They conduct the science fair to make students more confident about inventing things. Last time 1500 students from other schools in the locality, visited the science fair that exhibited various models invented and created by students from different classes. A little appreciation just boosts up the confidence in the students further making them to walk towards the field of novelty. The student gets more exposure when gets to meet many people and this opportunity is a boon to the students who are studying in the Bandari Srinivas Vidyaniketan.

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