Story Time: The Foolish Brahmin and The Crooks

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 11,2018 , 11:37 PM IST

Story Time: The Foolish Brahmin and The Crooks
A brahmin once performed sacred ceremonies for a rich merchant and got a goat in return. He was on his way back carrying the goat on his shoulders when three crooks saw him and decided to trick him into giving the goat to them. 

One after the other, the three crooks crossed the brahmin’s path and asked him the same question – “O Brahmin, why do you carry a dog on your back?”

The foolish Brahmin thought that he must indeed be carrying a dog if three people have told him so. Without even bothering to look at the animal, he let the goat go.

Moral: If a lie is repeated several times, it becomes the truth for a fool.

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