United Nations should be a dynamic forum for action: Chancellor Prof K Ramakrishna Rao

THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 25,2018 , 04:48 AM IST

Chancellor, GITAM University Prof K Ramakrishna Rao addressing at the seminar in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday
Visakhapatnam: Chancellor, GITAM University Prof K Ramakrishna Rao said that United Nations must become the effective voice of all humanity and a dynamic forum for collective action and co-operation based on interdependence between nations.

While inaugurating a national seminar on “Relevance of UN in 21st Century: Global Politics and role of Indian Foreign Policy” organised by GITAM School of Gandhian Studies at GITAM campus on Wednesday, Prof Ramakrishna Rao observed that there is a need to clearly recognise, with a sense of realism, the limits to what the United Nations can achieve, and the changes of form and function required for it to play an optimal role in today's world.

He said that international politics must be constantly permeated with the thought of man, his happiness and well-being, and his essential unity with fellow beings. He pointed that if a nation is not contributing to the world community even after having a permanent membership in UN is meaningless. Indian Maritime Foundation Regional Director G Padmaja said that maritime diplomacy is needed among the nations particularly cooperation and coordination are needed for sea security. She mentioned that if any sea is unsafe that impacts on economic development and social stability of that particular region. The UN convention on the law of the sea (UNCLOS) is a hop for all round benefit she said and expressed that India must continue the strategic partnerships as part of foreign policy.

School of Gandhian Studies Director B Nalini said that United Nations Organisation is not an antiquated agency of the past but is a beacon of hope for positive political, economic, social, cultural and environmental changes on the planet. She observed that multilateral agencies like UN are the only hope to handle climate change, human rights, conflicts among nations, poverty, inequalities. India should continue to be ethical and follow international norms and rules, laws. J Srinivas was the seminar convenor.

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