5-point success plan for teenagers

THE HANS INDIA |   Dec 10,2018 , 11:52 PM IST

Decide your career wisely: Teenage is the right time to decide your future and your career. Take suggestions from everyone, your parents, relatives, your cousins, talk to your friends and then think wisely and decide your career.

Always respect your parents: Whenever we have any problem we go to the temples, churches, and give donations, hoping our problems will end. We try to find true love in the world where we hardly know anyone in and out. There is no other form of love which is pure and true than the love of our parents. 

So, for all solutions to your problems and receiving love, you don’t need to go out of your house. Just spend time with your parents. Don’t force your parents and pressurise them for your unnecessary demands. Respect the hard earned money you get from your parents. It’s very important that you understand the financial condition of your house. Respect the decisions of your parents and plan accordingly.

Stay away from bad habits: I would say never ever try alcohol or cigarettes. It might look cool at first but, once you get addicted it will be very hard to come out of it. Your body is the only place where you are going to live till your last breath and it’s your duty to take care of it. Just like you remove your footwear before entering a temple, similarly you should not take anything wrong in your body. 

Don't fall in a relationship just for namesake: A very common problem nowadays. Youth do not understand the meaning of love and relationships. They just want a partner to look cool and modern. Teenage is the right time to focus on studies and your career. Many a times such heartbreaks end up in depression, so, first focus on your career.

Be physically active: Nowadays everybody is occupied with mobile phones, laptops and, day by day our daily physical activities are decreasing. The moment we clear the class X exam and come to class 11th our life gets occupied with coaching classes. Physical activities start getting away from our life. By the time we reach college, we hardly do any physical exercise. Make sure you do some kind of physical activities such as yoga etc.   

 - Arti Adke

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