Hyderabad: ‘Daaji’, the fourth global guide of heartfulness on Saturday participated in a debate and lively discussion on meditation and human integration with the medical students and doctors at the ESI Medical College. He spoke on the beauty of living and learning in this fast-changing world that at times overwhelms some who fall behind in the race! Daaji also stressed on the importance of meditation, an effective method to reduce stress and develop a sense of compassion among individuals.

Addressing a gathering of nearly 200 medical students and doctors of the Institute, Daaji spoke of the importance of living and winning while in the prime time of life and how meditation can enable the same. The meeting at the Institute was organised at the invitation of the college management who wanted Daaji to give life lessons to the doctors and to those who aspire to be doctors.

Highlighting the importance of meditation and how it will bring about a positive change in one’s life, Daaji said, “A compassionate heart puts others’ first and does not think about inconvenience or sacrifice, even with total strangers, because helping others is simply being true to its own nature. Help is extended as if one is helping oneself rather than the ‘other’, and when this awareness comes about, we will see a quantum leap in the evolution of human consciousness.”

“Compassion is also about feeling, resonating and responding to others. Even if we have not personally experienced the same pain, we can yet support someone who has fallen, and it is the prime motto of a Doctor like you. At any time, we can always ask our heart, “If I were in this situation, what would I want?” We all have the natural capacity to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Meditation helps in developing positive thoughts and resulting compassion makes every individual a better soul,” concluded Daaji.

Expressing his happiness over Daaji’s visit to the campus, Srinivas, Dean, ESI Medical College said, “Doctors at times are under severe stress due to the demanding nature of the work we do! And young professionals who aspire to grow into successful medical practitioners need to understand the nuances of life. Patients must be treated not as a subject but as someone who is fighting to live; and we Doctors must ensure we support the patient in every possible form. 

Practicing meditation, will do a lot of good to we Doctors; it will help us overcome the stress at work and be compassionate towards the patients we treat. While the Heartfulness Institute has been helping young Doctors at ESIMC practice meditation for over a year now; am very happy that Daaji himself has visited our campus and enlightened us all on the true essence of life and how meditation can bring in a positive change.”

ESICMC is already conducting Heartfulness sessions to all its students for the last one year and there has been tremendous impact on the students – helping them effectively deal with the rigors of the course with calmness. More than … students have undergone the training so far.

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