**    Gunadala, Madhuranagar and Krishna Canal railway stations await facelift
**    State govt plans to organise Krishna pushkaram in a big way

Vijayawada: The demand for developing Gunadala, Madhuranagar and Krishna Canal railway stations as satellite railway stations for the convenience of devotees visiting Vijayawada city during Krishna Pushkaram scheduled to commence on August 12 is gaining momentum. As two crore people are expected to visit the city to have a holy dip in Krishna river several people  demand development of the satellite stations for the convenience of devotees.

The South Central Railway general manager, Ravindra Gupta, conducted a review meeting at Secunderabad recently and directed the officials to send proposals for arrangements to be made for Krishna Pushkaram. He said all sections of the railways should gear up to meet the Pushkaram rush and to operate special trains as per demand.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu also directed the officials to prepare an action plan for Krishna Pushkaram as he want to celebrate the Pushkaram in the new capital in a big way. Officials started preparing proposals to develop bathing ghats and other arrangements.

Referring to Krishna Pushkaram arrangements, a resident of Satyanarayanapuram K V Sastry said that the railway authorities should develop the Gunadala and Madhuranagar and Krishna Canal railway stations to halt some of the passenger trains at the stations to lessen the burden on Vijayawada railway station. He said if some trains were terminated at these stations people can reach the Pushkar ghats by boarding the free buses to be arranged by the state government like in Godavari Pushkaram.

SCR Mazdoor Union divisional secretary GN Srinivasa Rao said that the authorities should start developing the Gunadala, Madhuranagar and Krishna Canal stations from now onwards as only four months left for Krishna Pushakaram. He said as more than 250 trains pass through Vijayawada railway station, there would be delay in operating the Krishna Pushkar special trains from Vijayawada railway station. In addition, platform numbers 8, 9 and 10 were restricted to traffic from Chennai side due to delay in modernising Route Relay Inerlocking. There would be shortage of platforms forcing the trains to wait at outer signals for more than an hour.

Vijayawada MP Kesineni Srinivas also appealed to Railway authorities to develop Gunadala railway station before Krishna Pushkaram for the convenience of devotees. He asked the railway officials to make necessary arrangements at the railway station for lakhs of people visiting the city for Krishna Pushkaram.

It is alleged that the special trains operated for Godavari Pushkaram were delayed for several hours due to heavy rush of people and lack of sufficient platforms at Rajahmundry and other stations.