Brizzly+ Allows Editing Your Tweets, Check Out!

Brizzly+ Allows Editing Your Tweets, Check Out!
Brizzly+ allows editing, delete, and save favourite tweets.

Twitter client Brizzly+ allows to delete tweets, edit tweets and save favourite tweets.


I miss the edit button on Twitter, but it doesn't look like we are going to get it from Twitter any time soon. But, it seems there could be a fix. Twitter's Brizzly client is back and got something called the Brizzly + - the nearest thing to an edit button on Twitter.

Brizzly+ offer you some functions that were missing from Twitter-like auto delete tweets, undo tweets to edit, save favourite tweets (Brizzly calls custom prompts).

Though you have to pay the price for this, you need to pay $5 per month for the Brizzly+ subscription to get these features.

Most of us are interested in undoing tweets feature and can set a pre-defined window which will allow us to "undo" a tweet that we may have posted for any editing that it might need and retweet it again.

If we get into semantics, this isn't precisely editing. Still, Brizzly+ will delete the earlier tweet and allow us to post the updated tweet as the latest one.

We can preset this auto-delete feature for 24 hours, a week or one month. Once that preset window is up Brizzly+ will automatically delete those tweets. For these auto-delete tweets feature, we will also get the flexibility to save a tweet that got a lot of 'likes' in that preset period.

The developer said, "If you select to have tweets auto-deleted, you can set a threshold of likes for your tweets, and they'll be saved if the threshold is met."

At present, Brizzly+ is available via the web browser on mobiles as well as the desktops. The developers claim the Brizzly App is optimised to work on both mobile and web browsers. There are no separate apps for Android or iOS or Windows 10 or macOS yet.

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