Typewriters voice, by Jainender Jindal aims to reach 15 Million Followers by 2020

Typewriters voice, by Jainender Jindal aims to reach 15 Million Followers by 2020

Have you ever lacked motivation in your life? If yes, then you are not alone. Right now, more and more people look for some kind of direction in their lives.

All of us need to have that peaceful state of mind. Nothing can be better than a heartfelt piece of poetry or maybe a good quote.

Just like the majority, Jainender Jindal is a person who was looking for a motivation which will help him. He created the Facebook page, "Typewriters Voice" to help himself as well as those people who were looking for a direction with him. The difference lies in the fact that he is able to fathom the feelings of a human and depict it beautifully through apt words.

Currently, the Facebook page has 9 million followers. He started by posting small quotes and poems on the page and slowly he noticed that people were engaging with him. He received messages telling him that the content on the page motivates them to do better and to hold on their life. The written pieces are matched with the right pictures which provide them with aesthetic pleasure to the reader.

Jainender Jindal feels that his audience knows their worth and they are keen on the storytelling. The love to go through the content and the page has become a community for them. He knows that the growth of the page tends to be slow but he aims to reach 15 million followers by 2020. He has also opened up an Instagram account to go with the page which currently has 7, 42, 000 followers.

"Typewriters voice" has celebrated its 2nd birthday in January and we can hope to see the goal being fulfilled by next year. The audience seems to love the video created by Jainender Jindal. Currently, the video 'Laws of karma' has over 22 million views.

You may feel that it was easy for Jainender to gain that many followers, but it is far from the truth. He actually thought that the page wouldn't take off when he first introduced it. But slowly he learned to make the changes that will finally make the difference. When he did that there was no going back for him. He saw that people were engaging with him and they were actually eager to read more on the page.

"Typewriters Voice" was Jainender was a dream come true and he gives a lot to the page to maintain the quality. He believes that the audience must have quality over everything. For the same reason, you would not find advertisements or commercial driven posts on the page. Jainender tells, that the page has actually motivated many people to pin down their thoughts and embrace the path of writing.

"Typewriters Voice" is a unique platform and it has already touched the hearts of millions. In the upcoming years, Jainender will try to make more changes to see it grow even more. We are sure that with time the page will become a platform where storytelling will earn a new life.

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