100 metric tonnes of waste strewn on Palamuru roads every day

100 metric tonnes of waste strewn on Palamuru roads every day

As officials fail to provide dumping yards, the waste is dumped in open places, especially near roadsides, putting the health of public in peril

Mahbubnagar: The officials in municipalities of Badepally, Mahbubnagar and Bhootpur have failed to provide proper dumping yards for getting rid of household waste collected by the municipal workers in the district.

Because of lack of proper dumping yards, the municipal workers, who collect the waste from households, dump it at some arbitrary locations causing health problems to the public in the nearby vicinity. Most of these dumping places get infested with pigs, dogs and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and flies.

"The municipal workers collect the household waste every day in the rickshaw provided by the municipality and dump it in the open place at a roadside.

This is leading to unbearable stink besides pigs and stray dogs making the dump heaps their homes and mosquitoes their breeding grounds," said Swamy Goud, a resident of Badepally municipality.

Not just is the case of Badepally municipality, the situation in Bhootpur and Mahbubnagar municipalities is also no different.

"Though the municipal authorities have taken good initiative to collect the waste every day, they have miserably failed to provide a proper dumping yard," says K Moses, a resident of Mahbubnagar.

The recently-established municipality of Bhootpur and the five-year-old Badepally municipality have no dumping yards. Even in Mahbubnagar municipality, the authorities have set up only one dumping yard for the entire district headquarters which is inadequate.

As every day the number of households in these municipalities are increasing, the waste output is also doubling. In Badepally, there are 8,700 households generating 18 metric tonnes of waste every day.

Mahabubnagar district is having the largest number of 57,000 households with 76 metric tonnes of waste generation.

The recently-carved out Bhootpur municipality is the smallest municipality in the district with just 2,900 households with 8 metric tonnes of waste generation every day.

While Bhootpur has no dumping yard at all, the officials of Badepally municipality have identified a place near Nagasala village and planned to build a dumping yard there. However, as they have not yet demarcated the place, the dumping yard is still in the pending condition.

In Mahbubnagar, the only dumping yard at Koilkonda crossroad near the hills has become insufficient to accommodate the large quantities of waste dumped in the area.

Moreover, as more and more households have come surrounding the dumping yard, people are complaining of stink. In view of this, the municipal authorities of Mahbubangar had identified a 10-acre land at Laxminagar railway track.

However, the proposal to build the second dumping yard is still left to the paper and no step has been taken to build a second dumping yard, because of which the municipal workers are dumping waste at open places causing environmental pollution and health hazards to the public.

"The proposal for second dumping yard had already been approved. However, we are awaiting the revenue department's nod.

As and when we get a green signal from the Revenue department, we will take up the construction of second dumping yard in Mahbubnagar," said Vadde Surander, Municipal Commissioner of Mahbubnagar.

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