Covid-19 Vaccine: The Vaccines Will Be Moved Amid Tight Security

COVID-19 vaccine

Commonwealth Ministers call for equal access to Covid vaccination


Everything is ready for the corona vaccine distribution across the country from January 16.

Everything is ready for the corona vaccine distribution across the country from January 16. Vaccines have already reached the respective states. The Department of Medical Health has made arrangements to keep the vaccine prescribed temperature in the vaccine centres and to monitor them through a centralized system in Hyderabad.

All facilities have been provided in this regard. Supervised by MD Chandrasekhara Reddy, Telangana Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation, vaccines have been shifted from state vaccine centres in Hyderabad to regional centres. From there the vaccine will be moved to all the regional vaccine centres to all the districts. From there the vaccines will go in special vehicles to all vaccination centres by Thursday evening. To that extent, all arrangements have already been made. Chandrasekhar Reddy said the vaccines were moved amid tight security.

Even if the Covid-19 vaccine has to be given to all the people of the state at once, we have the capacity to store it. Vaccination centres have a capacity of 88 cubic meters. They have the capacity to store hundreds of millions of doses. Hundreds of doses have the capacity to be stored in district centres. Another million vaccines can be stored in PHCs and CHCs. Thus a total of 4 crore vaccines can be stored. Covin vaccine temperature can be monitored by the logger system.

Covin temperature logger system is called cold supply chain management. Corona vaccines can be stored at the refrigerator cooling level. He said they will also be storing anti-rabies, insulin and other vaccines on a regular basis. It has been revealed that 50 lakh Auto Disabled (AD) syringes are being introduced exclusively for corona vaccination.

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