Harish Rao intentionally drags my family in political discourse fearing defeat: Raghunandan Rao

M Raghunandan Rao

M Raghunandan Rao


BJP’s candidate M Raghunandan Rao lashes out at the Finance Minister for making the in Dubbaka bypoll personal in an interview

Dubbaka: BJP leader and party candidate in Dubbaka bypoll M Raghunandan Rao has taken strong exception to the Finance Minister T Harish Rao dragging his family members into political discourse in the by-election.

Speaking to The Hans India, he dismissed the statements of the Finance Minister saying, "has he come to know that my father is getting pension only today?"

My father aged 85 years staying in the village have been receiving pension since it was Rs 75 during the TDP regime in United Andhra Pradesh. The same was renewed even when the TRS was part of the former Congress Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy's government. He asked, "Are none of the family members of CM KCR not getting pensions?"

The BJP candidate clarified that his father has below five acres of agriculture land and also getting Rythu Bandhu from the State government.

He said that if there is anything illegal and that his father is not eligible, the benefits should have been revoked, he added. Raghunandan Rao has also pointed out that even MLAs and IPS officials and others have been receiving Rythu Bandhu in the State. And, asked Harish Rao whether he wanted to project that his father has been getting pension because that his children are looking after well?

Countering, he asked whether it is the same case and none of the KCR family members is not receiving pensions. "Shall I prove? I can give hundreds of such examples," he said.

Lashing out at the TRS MLA from Siddipet that he wanted to turn the politics of Dubbaka bypoll personal by dragging the family members' name in politics.

Raghunandan Rao said that earlier his mother was a member of the DWACRA group and worked hard. But, she could not continue since she is now a patient.

Also, my parents love agriculture and they don't want to leave the village. All four of our brother are well established. They come for a couple of days to spend with us and then go back to the village. "what should I do when it was their choice. We brothers regularly attend to see and take them to regular medical checkups etc."

My mother had come only once at the time of filing nominations in 2014. Except that, neither my parents nor any of my family members have participated in politics. "their interests are elsewhere and they are practicing some other professions. My profession is politics. If I have done something wrong, let them deal it with me not me," he said.

He also questioned the Hyderabad police linking his name and Dubbaka bypolls with the alleged money found with his brother-in- law in Patachervu.

My brother-in-law runs three companies in Patanchervu "The police press note released itself claims that my brother-in-law has been running a company by name A to Z soltuation in Patachervu for the past 10 years. His company was engaged in providing work force to the companies." Then, what was the problem? Does it mean that he is my brother-in-law that he should not do business? If there is anything wrong then proceed against him as per the Companies Act, he said. Similarly, he found fault asking, does former MP Vivek Venkataswamy had started a company only after joining BJP.

"Before, even KTR was born, Kaka Venkataswamy had started the company called Visakha Industries at Patanchervu. Is there any bar that those in politics should not do business? he asked.

Raghunandan Rao charged the TRS and FM with intentionally trying to blame him by dragging his family members and relatives into the political discourse fearing that the ruling party is all set to lose the Dubbaka by-poll.

Further elaborating, Raghunandan Rao said that due to eight months of Covid lockdown payments were not properly done. Similarly, there are so many running real estate businesses holding money at their homes as all the registration has come to a grinding halt for the last 15 days. Let them go to Begam Bazar in Hyderabad and check, in how many houses and card they would get money.

He also took strong exception to the way police failing to conduct impartially. The BJP leader lauded the State DGP for finding innovative ways to fix the BJP and its leaders, in a bid to please the ruling party dispensation in the State.

He expressed displeasure that police who are supposed to serve the people and the government is working for the party. Similarly, he took exception to the statements of IT Minister KT Rama Rao and asked how the BJP and Dubbaka election are linked when a party activist in anguish attempted to commit suicide in Hyderabad?

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