Hyderabad: Masks go out of shelves at Gandhi Hospital

Hyderabad: Masks go out of shelves at Gandhi Hospital

Many seen wearing masks across the city Shortage of masks and sanitisers doubles the prices

Musheerabad: There is a sudden surge in the demand for surgical and N95 masks at Gandhi Hospital at Musheerabad.

Owing to the acute demand of the masks the prices have doubled. The three medical shops at Gandhi Hospital have increased surgical masks from Rs 8-10 per piece to Rs 20-30. Whereas, the N95 respirator masks which were sold around Rs 50 now are selling at anywhere between Rs 250 to 300 per piece.

Ranjit, owner GP Medical Store at Gandhi Hospital says there is a shortage of sterile masks due to the sudden demand as most of them had run out of stock.

He says, "The N95 masks are already out of stock and will take a day or two to arrive as they are not made in Hyderabad but sourced from distributors in Mumbai and Delhi. Meanwhile, we are managing to meet the current demand with surgical masks."

Owner of Sri Sai Medical Store, Shiva says people are buying hand sanitisers and masks in bulk. We are about to run out of stock.

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