Telangana Police Gives A Call To Maoists To Surrender For Covid-19 Treatment

Telangana Police Gives A Call To Maoists To Surrender For Covid-19 Treatment

Telangana Police Gives A Call To Maoists To Surrender For Covid-19 Treatment


Maoists are in a miserable condition

Maoists are in a miserable condition. They are fighting with the invisible enemy Covid-19. As a result of lockdown in many states, they are not getting the medicines as courier services are also stopped. Thus, the Maoists are facing a new challenge in the forests of Chhattisgarh. They successfully fought with the first corona wave but, with the second wave, it is reported that more than 100 Maoists have already infected the coronavirus and up to ten of them died.

The Maoists called for a Bharat Bandh on April 26 to protest the central government's move. As part of this, houses and meetings were repeatedly held with thousands of people in various tribal villages in Bijapur and Sukuma districts. Hundreds of troop members and top leaders participated. Occasional public courts were held. Often couriers would come and meet. Police suspect that members of the force were infected with the virus for these reasons. For now, they are using just paracetamol tablets. But the people suffering from the severe Corona symptoms and who already have a chronic illness, are breathing their last. Therefore, the sources said, they are focussing on sending their couriers to Telangana to supply corona pills, bringing in aged Maoist leaders in the form of ordinary villagers and vaccinating them.

Here are the reasons listed down for the deaths of Maoists:

• Corona severity is high in Maoists who are already suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma, BP, diabetes, and heart disease.

• Due to lockdowns in Maharashtra and Telangana, couriers and sympathizers are unable to move and medicines are not being received from them in a timely manner.

• Some are even in need of oxygen cylinders and ventilators to control the disease.

• As it is summer, there was a shortage of drinking water in the forests. Diagnosis is delayed because there is no significant difference between the symptoms of dengue and malaria and the symptoms of the coronavirus.

Currently, the severity of the virus is high in the Maoist forces. We also have information that medicines are being procured for them in Telangana and Chhattisgarh. Now the lockdown has put a stop to those efforts. Maoists come into the villages in the form of ordinary people and are getting vaccinated. Vaccines and medicines are being supplied according to the ranks of the cadre. The virus has intensified in the forces after the recent rallies. If any of the members who are Corona Positive, surrender, there is no harm to them. We will provide the desired treatment said, SP Abhishek, Dantewada.

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