None to bother about these beasts of  burden

None to bother about these beasts of burden

Their day starts just like any other worker’s life. Sacks on their backs and no expectations from their bosses they walk in pairs, one beh
23 Mar 2017, 03:47 AM IST
Lives rolled up in a corner

Lives rolled up in a corner

In spite of the perilous nature of the job, women from the deprived families of Korutla mandal roll beedies to earn a living. All the hard w
23 Mar 2017, 03:42 AM IST
Yet another fort on its way to oblivion

Yet another fort on its way to oblivion

Walls of 600-year-old historic Jataprolu Fort built by the Surabhi royal dynasty, which in the past protected hundreds of princely families,
23 Mar 2017, 03:40 AM IST
Women left to face brunt of water woes

Women left to face brunt of water woes

Somewhere in a mountain village in the Himalayas, a woman folds a taro leaf into a cone, fills it with soil, and sows a seed. She waters her
23 Mar 2017, 03:33 AM IST
Maruti Reddy on a mission of mercy

Maruti Reddy on a mission of mercy

A Good Samaritan panchayat worker is contributing his mite to society giving a free burial to bodies of orphans as he believes that none was
22 Mar 2017, 04:16 AM IST

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Dignified send-off to departed souls

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving,” said Mother Teresa. 70-year-old Baba Michael, retired senior section engineer of South Central Railway lives
16 Mar 2017, 04:12 AM IST

Infusing life into stones

Although Subbaiah Stapathi’s artisan hands could infuse life into rocks with the art he inherited from his ancestors, he was never sure that where his next meal would come from.
16 Mar 2017, 04:06 AM IST

Small vendors switch to swiping machines

A woman from a remote village, who came to the wholesale market to purchase vegetables, pays the amount through card, later she went to Rythu Bazar with the vegetables and sells th
15 Mar 2017, 02:42 AM IST

A painful struggle to save crops

Many farmers of Nagarkurnool district are caught between devil and deep sea. While some of the farmers have given up hopes to continue with agriculture, some others are toiling har
15 Mar 2017, 02:38 AM IST

Not many fortified food products available

No more than 12 per cent of beverages and 16 per cent of foods sold by nine leading Indian food and beverage companies were of "high nutritional quality", according to the Access t
15 Mar 2017, 02:26 AM IST

A project that is disrupting life of tribals

Following the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh in 2014, one of the first things that the newly elected TDP government did, was to step up works to construct irrigation dams and reserv
14 Mar 2017, 04:16 AM IST

An earnest cop’s noble act

The story of crumbling and sorely lacking infrastructure in the country’s rural schools is a depressingly familiar story. But one police station in Mahbubnagar district has shown
14 Mar 2017, 04:04 AM IST

Cost-effective dialysis a reality

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) have developed a unique membrane that promises to reduce the cost of dialysis by 50 per cent. At present, the dialy
14 Mar 2017, 03:53 AM IST

Chilli price fall leaves farmers in tears

Chilli prices have been falling for the last twenty days in Asia's biggest Guntur Mirchi yard due to increase of production, fall in demand in the domestic and international market
10 Mar 2017, 05:09 AM IST

Gutti Koyas’ migration causes major concern

Though they are aboriginals and inhabitants of the wild, the raging Maoist-government forces conflict in Chhattisgarh forests forced them to trek to the bordering Telangana State,
10 Mar 2017, 05:05 AM IST

Meet the mother of hundreds...

When an average homemaker is worried about her husband and children, dedicating her entire life for serving her family members, saving some extra bucks after making small cuts in t
10 Mar 2017, 05:01 AM IST

Comic-strips can hold traffickers at bay

Mohan is a handsome man who tells fascinating tales of city life to Rani and Manai, young girls living in the squalor of a relief camp in the eastern Indian state of Assam. This is
10 Mar 2017, 04:54 AM IST

Village beats drought, one raindrop at a time

On a hot, dry afternoon at Ralegan Siddhi in India's western state of Maharashtra, Ansar Shaikh climbed effortlessly to a hill top and pointed at the vast expanse of farmland all a
09 Mar 2017, 04:24 AM IST

Uttama Mahila award for tribal rights fighter

Perseverance pays as demonstrated by Laxmibai who surmounted obstacles and relentlessly fought a legal battle for ten long years to regain tribals’ lands from the clutches of non
09 Mar 2017, 04:21 AM IST

A passion gallops to become a profitable venture

Rearing horses is a passion for him as his forefathers and grand fathers had worked as heads of cavalry and infantry during the rule of Raja Gajapathi in this area.
09 Mar 2017, 04:09 AM IST

Dearth of security haunts women librarians

The women librarians working in various branches in the State are facing hardships in the discharge of their duties, said R Lalitha Kumari, president, State Library Women Employees
07 Mar 2017, 05:28 AM IST

People hunt for horse manure

Though this is funny, it is a fact. The price of horse manure is much more than that of cement.  Now the beneficiaries of Individual house hold toilets under Swachh Bharat Scheme
07 Mar 2017, 05:25 AM IST

Palamur prodigy proves poverty no bar

If one has willpower and determination, then nothing and no one can stop them from achieving their goals. Making willpower her tool, Lakshmi from Mahmadabad in the district, has pr
07 Mar 2017, 05:21 AM IST

TAll claims but no growth

Even as the authorities are making tall claims of rapid development and envious welfare programmes being implemented by the State government, the ground reality seems to be quite t
07 Mar 2017, 05:14 AM IST

Effective technique to prevent pest attacks

It is another example of the proverbial ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ An idea successfully implemented by a farmer who was vexed with the continuous attacks of fruit
07 Mar 2017, 04:06 AM IST