BJP brass thinks it’s T-time now

BJP brass thinks it’s T-time now

The BJP's southern roll-out has begun. The party's top leadership eyeing the southern pie for long has got its act together finally. After a
25 Mar 2017, 04:14 AM IST
A real story of empowerment

A real story of empowerment

Micro-entrepreneurs are grossly underserved by traditional lenders, as they typically do not have collateral or credit histories to make the
24 Mar 2017, 04:10 AM IST
Modi mainstreams the fringe

Modi mainstreams the fringe

It is difficult to say whether acceptance comes first or adjustment. We had begun to deal with the Narendra Modi era with its pluses and min
23 Mar 2017, 03:18 AM IST
False info fatal to elected leaders

False info fatal to elected leaders

A division bench of Supreme Court rendered a landmark judgment in 2016, holding that legislators would lose their membership if their educat
21 Mar 2017, 03:34 AM IST
KCR showing shades of YSR

KCR showing shades of YSR

There has never been any denial that Telangana State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) is a master strategist. As a seasoned politici
20 Mar 2017, 02:51 AM IST

Did EVMs, not Modi, defeat them?

18 Mar 2017, 04:27 AM IST

The lessons from Aarogyasri

17 Mar 2017, 04:34 AM IST

Modi looks unassailable

16 Mar 2017, 05:08 AM IST

Throw light on plot to kill Gandhi

14 Mar 2017, 04:38 AM IST

Surveying the odds across Telangana

13 Mar 2017, 04:40 AM IST

The way forward with Trump

13 Mar 2017, 04:27 AM IST

Desire for change is leitmotif

12 Mar 2017, 03:00 AM IST

It’ll be business as usual for Modi

11 Mar 2017, 04:21 AM IST

Fighting poverty: Why we always fail

10 Mar 2017, 04:44 AM IST

Mar 11 matters a lot for Modi

09 Mar 2017, 03:02 AM IST


TRS ready for opposition onslaught

The TRS seems to be adopting a three-pronged strategy to subdue all potential vociferous attacks by the opposition having, more or less, decided to take the bull by its horns. As
06 Mar 2017, 03:30 AM IST

The challenge of the internal proletariat

The Yamuna used to flow westward through the dry bed of the Chautang River previously. It started to flow eastward through its present course around 1500 BCE.
06 Mar 2017, 03:19 AM IST

Satyagraha more relevant than ever

Let me begin this column with a hundred-year-old story of Raj Kumar Shukla, a farmer of Champaran region. He owned a few bighas of land which he used to cultivate vegetables and fo
04 Mar 2017, 03:30 AM IST

Staging a comeback

Ambassador was among the first cars made in India and Nokia was among the first mobile phone Indians, like much of the world. The two pioneering products spell a contrasting story
02 Mar 2017, 03:53 AM IST

Nathuram Godse’s right to write vs public order

An RTI request for a copy of the statement of Nathuram Godse, the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, made during the trial has necessitated examining whether disclosure would cause disturba
28 Feb 2017, 04:16 AM IST

Telangana State leaders embark on Mission 2019

In what is seen as an inexplicable sign of the things to come on the political firmament, the poll bugle has been sounded across Telangana State almost two years ahead of the sched
27 Feb 2017, 04:00 AM IST

Good policies at the wrong time

The Budget has been widely acclaimed to be path breaking. It seeks to make a massive increase in public investments in infrastructure while, at the same time, providing relief in I
27 Feb 2017, 03:57 AM IST

BJP still in the reckoning

The resounding victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Maharashtra municipal elections and its similar good performance in Odisha local body polls sure comes as a shot i
25 Feb 2017, 03:25 AM IST

Just another patriotic song?

A tempest in a teapot! That is the sum total of the zero sum charade over another petition in the Supreme Court to grant equal respect to national song Vande Mataram as given to th
24 Feb 2017, 04:14 AM IST

India can lead on global stage

It is unprecedented that an American President causes worldwide turmoil before taking office and thereafter, pushes his agenda to widespread consternation, not just for the foreign
23 Feb 2017, 03:15 AM IST

Right to know why Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi

A Bansal has filed an RTI application before Additional DCP, New Delhi, seeking details of persons and organisation responsible for assassination of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in 1
21 Feb 2017, 04:12 AM IST

Continuing despair for the farmers

The NDA government promised in the budget last year to double the incomes of the farmers by 2020. There was no improvement in the incomes of the farmers, however.
20 Feb 2017, 03:56 AM IST

No once bitten twice shy for TPCC

It is three years since the historic bill to carve out Telangana State out of Andhra Pradesh was passed in the Lok Sabha amid din and strong protests by members from Seemandhra reg
20 Feb 2017, 03:34 AM IST

TN in vice-like grip of Sasi

It is a government in chains that is running Tamil Nadu now. It would have been so either way. Be it O Panneerselvam, the original choice of Amma Jayalalithaa or Edappadi K Palanis
18 Feb 2017, 04:00 AM IST

Great Game in Afghanistan

To readers in Hyderabad and southern India, far away from the country’s north-western borders, Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s name is unlikely to ring the bell. But his b
16 Feb 2017, 03:00 AM IST

Lame excuses for denying RTI

The Delhi University has left the RTI to Registrar and clerks who simply deny information to hundreds of applicants on silly technical grounds and have audacity to spend lakhs of p
14 Feb 2017, 04:11 AM IST

The limits of digital economy

The government is trying to take the country towards the digital economy and this intention is welcome. However, there are costs to digital transactions as well. The Ipsos MORI Soc
13 Feb 2017, 03:16 AM IST

Scheduled Castes/Tribes Snubbed

The Sub-Plans – Scheduled Caste Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan (SCCP-TSP) – have been introduced in our system to bring about overall development of SC/ST communities through tar
11 Feb 2017, 03:34 AM IST

Budget lays thrust on rural India

Notwithstanding the Opposition’s concern over the presentation of the Union Budget before ensuing elections to five States, the fact is it is mature and pro-growth and is geared
10 Feb 2017, 04:50 AM IST

Why CIA disclosures went unheeded

We have been through it all – the Julian Assange papers, the Snowden papers, recent disclosures from the British Intelligence and now, millions of documents de-classified by the
09 Feb 2017, 03:20 AM IST