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How to make your skin Spring ready?

A new season calls for a new skincare regime. There are a few simple selected changes to be introduced in your routine to prepare your skin for sunnier days to come ahead.

19 Mar 2018, 05:32 PM IST
7 steps to apply lipstick correctly!
06 Mar 2018, 06:44 PM IST
Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda
21 Jan 2018, 12:07 AM IST

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30 minutes facial exercise daily can make you look younger

Do you feel old and wrinkled? Just 30 minutes of facial exercises which includes puckering and squeezing the cheeks daily can make you look three years younger, reveals a study.Ins
06 Jan 2018, 01:03 AM IST

The go-to beauty guide for all party seasons

Every girl dreams of her very own moment in the spotlight, where all eyes stay on her. With the party season around the corner the pressure to look nothing but the best, is real bu
15 Dec 2017, 01:12 AM IST

Make your eyes standout this festive season

Work around your eyes to make a style statement in the festive season. Opt for bright coloured kohl pencils for the day time and invest in good eyelash extensions as they instantly
15 Dec 2017, 01:07 AM IST

Fashion for all

Convinced that you’re bound by certain style guidelines if you’re over a size 14? Get ready to change your mind.Spend an hour or two scrolling through myriad plus size retailer
11 Dec 2017, 01:33 AM IST

How safe is botox

You may have read about Botox Cosmetic in advertisements, blogs and celebrity gossip magazines, or heard about it from your friends. But there are a lot of misconceptions about Bot
07 Dec 2017, 06:43 PM IST

Is Henna good for your hair?

Henna reminds of grandmothers ..plucking the fresh leaves grinding it to paste adding fenugreek  lemon eggs and decotion to it keeping it stay for overnight and applying it on tre
28 Nov 2017, 10:49 AM IST

Right foundation for skin

Dot foundation on the face and blend with a damp sponge or with fingertips. Don’t forget the neck. Apply loose powder, or try compact powder to set the foundation. Use foundation
26 Nov 2017, 12:13 AM IST

The art of shaving

The time-tested actionable shaving tips for men followed from generations are part of most men’s daily routine which gives a smooth, easy and irritation free shave. Most men rush
26 Nov 2017, 12:07 AM IST

Beauty tips

Try to switch your heavier formulas with a tinted moisturiser. Even people with oily skin experience dryness in the colder months, and a moisturising BB/ CC cream is the easiest wa
22 Nov 2017, 11:13 AM IST

How important it is to remove eye make up

Once you have mastered the art of make up, there's no looking back. It's great to rock new and different eye make up every now and then. However, removing the same can be quite a t
21 Nov 2017, 11:00 AM IST

Pollution beauty

Among the other organs of the body, the skin is also one of the first to bear the brunt of air pollutants, which not only attack the skin surface, but also lead to an accumulation
19 Nov 2017, 12:05 AM IST

Haryana-born Manushi Chhillar crowned Miss World 2017

India’s Manushi Chhillar won the much sought after title of Miss World 2017 pageant.
18 Nov 2017, 08:44 PM IST

Reliance Jewels launches ‘ASYA – I am that’ Collection

 Reliance Jewels has announced the release of its latest designer gold jewellery collection called ‘ASYA- I am that’ designed by the gifted designer Garima Maheshwari exclusiv
08 Nov 2017, 04:53 AM IST

Celebrate femininity with Novelty Art Déco

 Frederique Constant introduces the newest addition to the most feminine collection of the brand. This timepiece reflects a perfect blend of elegance and style complete with elabo
08 Nov 2017, 04:51 AM IST

Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 inspired by the beauty of the peacock

The peacock is a bird that has inspired many ideas and myths throughout history. The ancients believed that peacocks symbolized immortality, while other cultures have seen renewal
08 Nov 2017, 04:42 AM IST

Magic of milk

We all know that milk is rich in nutrients and plays an important role in the healthy growth and development of both body and mind. Here’s how it helps the skin and hair to glow
05 Nov 2017, 12:12 AM IST

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