Pre-poll anti-Modi alliance hopes dim

After his two-day visit to the national capital and after once again testing the national waters, the AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu must have realised that it is not going to be easy to bring together all anti-BJP forces on to one platform to

19 Jun 2018, 02:43 AM IST
Deal with competitiveness, not Walmart
18 Jun 2018, 01:34 AM IST
Non-BJP CMs mince no words
18 Jun 2018, 01:27 AM IST
Driving in the right direction
16 Jun 2018, 03:34 AM IST

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Battle rules hit new low

The political scenario in Andhra Pradesh is getting murkier. The race for power seems to be taking the battle rules to a new low where what matters is winning the elections by hook
16 Jun 2018, 03:28 AM IST

Nothing but nonsense

xpectedly, the United Nations Human Rights chief has targeted India venomously abusing it of violating human rights in Kashmir and killing and maiming Kashmiris on a large scale. T
15 Jun 2018, 04:03 AM IST

Kick off to a nothing like it sport

It will be a unique Thursday for millions of fans and hundreds of sportspersons when two spectacular, nay emotional, extravaganzas get underway in two separate continents, hours fr
14 Jun 2018, 04:40 AM IST

Positive outcome

The five-hour long historic meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump has paved the way for denuclearisation and has reaffirmed the Panmunjom De
13 Jun 2018, 02:37 AM IST

A key achievement

The entry of India and Pakistan into the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is expected to strengthen security cooperation in the eight-member grouping. The coordinated entry
12 Jun 2018, 04:35 AM IST

Data fuzzy on job creation

Member of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council Professor Surjit Bhalla has said that 1.5 crore jobs were created in the economy in the year ending in March 2017. He has said thi
11 Jun 2018, 01:24 AM IST

In strategy mode

While the results of internal survey by BJP indicating that the BJP at the Centre was facing strong anti-incumbency factor in about 150 constituencies might have come as good news
11 Jun 2018, 01:19 AM IST

No sweet tidings

The Centre's bailout package announced for the sugarcane-growing belt of Western Uttar Pradesh soon after the huge loss in Kairana by-elections would neither bail out the farmer, t
09 Jun 2018, 03:41 AM IST

Sage-like words in unquiet times

Former President Pranab Mukherjee’s speech at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) headquarters in Nagpur should become a lesson for the modern-day leaders who have shown verbal
09 Jun 2018, 03:38 AM IST

Wisdom dawns on Modi-Shah duo

Political expediency and power politics are the new norm of our country. The compromises being made by the leaderships of different political parties just to ensure their very surv
08 Jun 2018, 03:50 AM IST

Wage a war on plastic

It’s time for all of us to wake up and take speedy and effective measures to get rid of the menace of plastic which entered our lives about 100 years back and is now threatening
06 Jun 2018, 03:59 AM IST

Right to Marry comes with Duty to Inform

Even as the basic human right, the Right of Privacy is not absolute and is subject to such action as may be lawfully taken for the prevention of crime or disorder or protection of
05 Jun 2018, 12:07 AM IST

Baseless diatribe against AP CM

The fact that Andhra Pradesh has managed to secure MoUs worth more than Rs 1 lakh crore in the last three years for establishing 55 industries turns topsy-turvy the partisan politi
05 Jun 2018, 12:02 AM IST

Managing externalities

Businessmen are mainly concerned with making profits. They live in a competitive world and they have to produce goods at the lowest possible cost.
04 Jun 2018, 02:36 AM IST

YSRCP pulling wool over people’s eyes

YSRC MPs’ charade at the Lok Sabha Speaker’s office at Delhi a few days ago was more Ostrich-like. The avian species is known to bury its head in the sand, assuming that no one
04 Jun 2018, 02:32 AM IST

Some breather for a beleaguered govt

The growth rate of India's GDP in the last quarter of last fiscal has surprised even die-hard optimists. India's economy grew by 7.7 per cent in the three months ended March 31, th
02 Jun 2018, 02:47 AM IST