Aggression is fine, but…

In what can easily be termed as an incredible series and one that also boosts Test cricket as a whole, Team India reclaimed the Border-Gavaskar Trophy with a 2-1 verdict against Australia in Dharamsala on Tuesday. The seventh successive series triump

29 Mar 2017, 03:40 AM IST
Need for fiscal prudence
28 Mar 2017, 04:29 AM IST
Time to act
27 Mar 2017, 04:58 AM IST
Taxing the robots
25 Mar 2017, 04:16 AM IST

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To be or not to be

The Law Commission in its 262nd report has recommended that death penalty be abolished for all crimes other than terrorism-related offences and waging war.  Parliament is informed
24 Mar 2017, 04:17 AM IST

Inflaming passions

In their quest to win, despite the odds, Australian cricketers have always had the dubious distinction of being the worst exponents of the shameful act of sledging. Their notoriety
23 Mar 2017, 03:24 AM IST

Much talk, little action

Mens sana in corpore sano’ in Latin means a sound mind in a sound body i.e, the better the health, the greater the happiness. This applies to the state of a nation too. On the In
22 Mar 2017, 03:37 AM IST

R&D linkage to hospitals

Government of India should formulate an effective policy, making it mandatory for all hospitals located both in rural and urban areas to have linkages with medical science research
21 Mar 2017, 03:39 AM IST

Decoding Yogic choice

With the choice of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of the most populous State of Uttar Pradesh, the transition in the Bharatiya Janata Party seems to be complete.
20 Mar 2017, 02:43 AM IST

GDP Data Conundrum

Even as the official Economic Survey admits that demonetisation has at least short-term risks due to currency swap-induced monetary contraction, the recent GDP estimates of Central
18 Mar 2017, 04:37 AM IST

Grounding the Budget

Governments spend lakhs of crores every year as legislatures approve appropriation bills. But, how much money is actually spent for whom it is intended for? The Comptroller and Aud
17 Mar 2017, 04:46 AM IST

Politics and macroeconomics

During the debate on the bifurcation of state, the often repeated argument was that smaller states would dampen growth as it inflicts huge fiscal stress. The burgeoning non-plan ex
16 Mar 2017, 05:15 AM IST

Bumbling by Congress

Jonathan Swift says, "Satire is a sort of glass wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own, which is the chief reason for that kind of reception it meet
15 Mar 2017, 04:34 AM IST

Outlays to outcomes

Endowed with fiscal momentum post bifurcation, Telangana Finance Minister presented his budget estimates that saw an allocation of over Rs 88,000 crore for development expenditure.
14 Mar 2017, 04:45 AM IST

Promote sustainable tourism

The Andhra Pradesh government is embarking upon promoting tourism as a growth engine. The Governor’s address to the joint session of State legislature on the eve of the budget wh
13 Mar 2017, 03:37 AM IST

Interpreting the mandate

It’s a remarkable victory for BJP. The UP win makes the BJP an indomitable political force across the country. Though the Punjab victory is a consolation for Congress, the real s
12 Mar 2017, 03:32 AM IST

Vote at 16, why not?

Age 16, why can’t it be sweet 16 for democracy too? There is growing debate across the world on the idea of lowering the voting age to 16. Some call it a disruptive move while ot
11 Mar 2017, 04:24 AM IST

Polls punditry

Yet again, the exit polls conducted by different agencies across the states that went to polls produced different results. Of course, it’s not new. There are many such earlier in
10 Mar 2017, 04:51 AM IST

Celebrating a centenary

The premier university in Telangana, Osmania University, is celebrating 100 years of its existence. It’s a momentous occasion in the history of any university and certainly deser
09 Mar 2017, 03:06 AM IST

A retrograde move

The recent decision of several leading Indian banks including State Bank of India, the public sector banking behemoth, to levy charges on transactions at bank branches paints a con
08 Mar 2017, 03:55 AM IST