Fill these wells of death

Despite the regular recurrence of incidents wherein children falling into the abandoned open borewells, nothing substantial has happened. The tragic death of Chinnari, an 18-month-old girl, reminds us of abysmal lack of commitment to implement even o

27 Jun 2017, 04:29 AM IST
Shuttle glory
26 Jun 2017, 01:56 AM IST
India’s 6th eye in the sky
24 Jun 2017, 04:01 AM IST
Cracks in opposition
23 Jun 2017, 03:35 AM IST

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Presidential choice

Despite its overtures to opposition and hype over the so-called consensus for the presidential elections, the BJP had its choice, leaving no scope for a consensus. The party which
22 Jun 2017, 03:34 AM IST

Age of green energy

The United States of America is not only the sole superpower the world now has. It is also a bellwether for many sectors and segments. For instance, global oil prices depend on how
21 Jun 2017, 04:13 AM IST

A wake-up call

Barely a few kilometres away from each other, in two different venues right in the heart of London, one could see the emotional highs and lows that run through human beings. Ironic
20 Jun 2017, 04:43 AM IST

Resume dialogue

The picturesque Darjeeling Hills are once again passing through one of its worst times. The resurfacing of the demand for Gorkhaland and its violent manifestations pose a serious t
19 Jun 2017, 02:24 AM IST

Question of consensus

The ruling NDA has rightly initiated talks with opposition parties for evolving a consensus candidate for the ensuing Presidential elections. This is appreciable given the characte
17 Jun 2017, 03:16 AM IST

Right prescription

Physicians have a tendency of prescribing drugs for a certain ailment without actually delving in-depth into a patient’s medical history, with the result that despite being effec
16 Jun 2017, 04:19 AM IST

No gain for farmers

Even as farmers across the country are reeling under enormous financial stress due to lack of remunerative prices for their produce despite a bumper harvest, the Securities and Exc
15 Jun 2017, 03:20 AM IST

A meeting of minds?

June 26 will see the coming together of the government heads of the oldest and the largest democracies in the world. Narendra Modi and Donald Trump will bare their minds to explore
14 Jun 2017, 04:41 AM IST

Simply incredible

This year’s French Open tennis championship will go down as one of the most remarkably exciting editions in its rich history.
13 Jun 2017, 01:39 AM IST

Protect government lands

The land scams are shaking the Telangana polity. No government is immune to the allegations of authorities turning a blind eye to the unabated encroachments of government lands. 
12 Jun 2017, 01:57 AM IST

Hyderabad sinks, wake up!

The experiences of people in Hyderabad in the last few days reveal lack of preparedness of our city administration to deal with the extreme weather events that likely to occur duri
10 Jun 2017, 03:13 AM IST

Not bullets, prices please

Instead of blaming it on the anti-socials and opposition, the BJP governments in Madhya Pradesh or at the Center should focus on delivering the electoral promise to implement the r
09 Jun 2017, 02:52 AM IST

Unneat NEET

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) that decides the future of lakhs of aspiring students across the country is always caught in some or other controversy. The contro
08 Jun 2017, 03:14 AM IST

Rate cut hopes rise

As the six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) headed by RBI Governor Urjit Patel began its two-day brooding session on Tuesday to take stock of the country's economy and lay ro
07 Jun 2017, 03:38 AM IST

New badminton hope

He is the country’s best bet in badminton and the entire firmament is celebrating the probable dawn of new era. After all, for an Indian whose rise to the top has been quite prai
06 Jun 2017, 03:26 AM IST

Politics of special status

The Andhra Pradesh Congress in a desperate bid to revive its fortunes in the state that is up in arms over what it feels arbitrary bifurcation, caught up  with an issue on which t
05 Jun 2017, 02:01 AM IST