Get rid of those extra calories 

People who consider themselves an average wine drinker consume an excess of 2,000 calories per month, which is equivalent to 141 ice creams a year. Apart from this, excessive intake of alcohol leads to binge eating.

17 Jan 2017, 11:34 PM IST
Get rid of those extra calories
17 Jan 2017, 11:20 PM IST
What triggers people to eat more
13 Jan 2017, 12:03 AM IST

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Tweak your diet to shed extra kilos

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Nature’s winter offerings

Nature knows what’s best for us….PERIOD. So when nature grows seasonally, all we need to understand is that this is what’s best for our body at the given point of time. Plus
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Easy to make recipes

Try making granola bars, pepperoni pizza bread and fish mayonnaise on wholegrain bread for your party, says an expert.
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Vijayawada warms up to online food delivery services

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White wine not necessarily with white meat, ditto for red

Convnetional wisdom has it that while wine is to be paired with white meat and red wine with red wine. Correct? "Not so," asserts sommlier Prateek Arora.
17 Dec 2016, 02:02 AM IST

Sleep disorder drug could help food addicts

A drug used for sleep disorder could also reduce the impulse for food, thereby helping food addicts to lose weight, a study says.
15 Dec 2016, 01:33 AM IST

Fruits to eat in winter for healthy skin

Winter calls for a hot cup of tea and fried snacks. But don't forget to dig into gooseberry, papaya and pomegranate to combat dry skin which the cold season brings along with it, s
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Say Christmas cheers with homemade drinks

This December, embrace the Christmas spirit and celebrate with an intimate gathering with friends and family. Be it in the cozy comfort of your home or while indulging in midnight
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Things not to eat before going to bed

One should eat carefully to stay fit and fabulous but keeping a check on your diet before going to bed needs extra attention as some food items have the tendency to disturb your sl
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Nature has its reason – eat according to season

December brings out the big blankets, oversized sweaters and fluffy slippers. And when the temperature drops our lethargic side comes out. So let’s boost our energy and kick off
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Bon appetite!

Here are some mouthwatering recipes to keep you warm and healthy during this chilly season. And, the plus point of these irresistible treats is that they will not affect your waist
10 Dec 2016, 11:12 PM IST

Skip ice-cream, go for frozen yogurt

If you cant eat ice-cream, frozen yogurt acts as an excellent, no fat replacement as it helps in digestion and nutrition, says an expert.
07 Dec 2016, 02:59 AM IST

A love affair with Moplah

The Malabar belt in the god’s own country Kerala is known for some exotic cuisines, and one of the most delectable side of it is by the Muslims of Malabar. 
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Simple recipes, rich flavours!

Chef Tariq Ahamad Parry, the Kashmiri chef, who comes from the family of Master Wazas is not new to Taj Group of Hotels in Hyderabad. 
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