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What is Cambridge Analytica Scandal?

A possible role played by data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica in Indian elections triggered a fierce back-and-forth between Congress and the ruling BJP after reports that the UK-based consulting firm may have also worked with a political party in

22 Mar 2018, 04:27 AM IST
19 Mar 2018, 04:25 AM IST

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Neuroendocrine tumour

Irrfan Khan had recently tweeted that he is suffering from a rare disease, which had raised speculations about what the disease is. In a blog, he said that he was suffering from ne
18 Mar 2018, 04:30 AM IST

No-confidence motion

A No-confidence motion is one of the motions passed by the legislature. This only operates in a Parliamentary form of government like the ones at work in India and UK where the exe
17 Mar 2018, 03:33 AM IST

Payment of Gratuity Act 1972

Gratuity is a voluntary Payment made by the employer to the employee in recognition of continuous, meritorious services and sincere efforts by the employee towards the organization
16 Mar 2018, 03:55 AM IST

A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in history, wrote the modern classic ‘A Brief History of Time’ to help non-scientists understand fundamental q
15 Mar 2018, 03:54 AM IST

Bullbar or Crash Guard

A bullbar or crash guards or even push bumper is a device installed on the front of a vehicle to protect its front from collisions, whether an accidental collision with a large ani
14 Mar 2018, 03:46 AM IST

What is a glacier?

Glaciers are made up of fallen snow that, over many years, compresses into large, thickened ice masses. Glaciers form when snow remains in one location long enough to transform int
13 Mar 2018, 03:01 AM IST

Uniform civil code

Uniform civil code is the ongoing point of debate within Indian mandate to replace personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each major religious community in India with
12 Mar 2018, 02:46 AM IST

What is a rare disease?

A rare disease is any disease that affects a small percentage of the population. In some parts of the world, an orphan disease is a rare disease whose rarity means there's a lack o
11 Mar 2018, 04:26 AM IST

What is ISA?

The International Solar Alliance (ISA), jointly launched by India and France at the UN Climate Change Conference over two years ago, is set to turn to the sun to brighten its futur
09 Mar 2018, 04:07 AM IST

Blockchain Vs Quantum computing

Picture a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update this spreadsheet and you h
08 Mar 2018, 05:14 AM IST


Ingestion of excess fluoride, most commonly in drinking-water, can cause fluorosis which affects the teeth and bones. Moderate amounts lead to dental effects, but long-term ingesti
07 Mar 2018, 03:27 AM IST

Prohibition of discrimination

Way back in 1950, the Constitution of India explicitly banned any practice of untouchability and laid down stringent measures against it. Article 17 of the Constitution of India ba
06 Mar 2018, 05:30 AM IST

Economic Convergence

The idea of convergence in economics (also sometimes known as the catch-up effect) is the hypothesis that poorer economies' per capita incomes will tend to grow at faster rates tha
04 Mar 2018, 10:55 PM IST

What is NFRA?

The Union Cabinet on March 1 approved setting up of the National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA), which will be an independent regulator for the auditing profession. The decis
04 Mar 2018, 03:51 AM IST

What is BIMSTEC?

Even though, the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal Motor Vehicles Agreement (BBIN MVA) would be a game-changer for regional co-operation in South Asia, it now requires a number of enab
03 Mar 2018, 04:08 AM IST

What is antibiotic resistance?

Today, a plenty of antibiotics are available but a majority are not effective because bacteria have developed resistance towards them. This is a major crisis that is going to hit t
02 Mar 2018, 04:31 AM IST

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