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New anti-cancer protein discovered

Researchers have discovered a new protein that prevents the uncontrolled proliferation of cancer cells in the liver.

22 Mar 2018, 02:43 PM IST
How to Cut Your Odds of a Stroke?
21 Mar 2018, 06:23 PM IST

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How your body change's after losing virginity?

Well, losing virginity is a big deal in the country like India. Even is today's society, it's very important for a girl to be virgin when she gets married. At the time of marriage
20 Mar 2018, 10:46 PM IST

Delhi to host 1st world consensus meeting on bariatric metabolic surgery standardization

World's first consensus meeting on bariatric metabolic surgery standardization is all set to start from March 22 to March 24 here.
20 Mar 2018, 05:00 PM IST

'For every lakh kids in Delhi, 32 affected by type 1 diabetes'

Around 97,000 children in India suffer from Type 1 Diabetes, with around 32 per lakh children affected in Delhi.
20 Mar 2018, 04:56 PM IST

Custom-made foot orthoses no different than over-the-counter insoles

Turns out, custom-made foot orthoses appear to be no better than over-the-counter insoles or other treatments.
20 Mar 2018, 04:53 PM IST

New hope for patients with hard-to-treat breast cancer

A team of researcher has identified a method for treating particularly aggressive forms of breast cancer that could potentially save thousands of lives each year.
20 Mar 2018, 04:50 PM IST

Why cells rapidly age in children with rare, fatal disease?

Scientists have discovered new causes of cellular decline in prematurely aging kids with rare and fatal diseases.
20 Mar 2018, 12:52 PM IST

Sound waves enhance cancer drug delivery, minimise toxicity

Turns out, sound waves from ultrasound enhance drug delivery and minimise toxicity.
20 Mar 2018, 12:49 PM IST

Mediterranean diet may boost bone density in elderly women

Consuming a Mediterranean diet -- rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, potatoes, olive oil, seeds, fish, low saturated fat, dairy products and red meat -- may boost bones and muscle
19 Mar 2018, 10:25 PM IST

Men with low sperm count at increased risk of illness

#Low sperm count is not just limited to infertility, it may also put men at increased risk of illness, according to a new study.According to the researchers, a man's semen count is
19 Mar 2018, 10:14 PM IST

Gaining those extra pounds during pregnancy can be predicted

Turns out, weight gain during pregnancy can be predicted by certain measures, a research has revealed.
19 Mar 2018, 04:05 PM IST

Obese people with breast cancer gene have increased DNA damage

It is found that in BRCA (BReast CAncer gene) mutation carriers, obesity is linked with increased DNA damage.
19 Mar 2018, 04:02 PM IST

Breastfeeding can ward off childhood obesity

Turns out, warding off childhood obesity is as easy as feeding babies breast milk.
19 Mar 2018, 03:59 PM IST

New diabetes drug may help shed those extra kilos

A compound that mimics a naturally occurring hormone that regulates appetite may help obese people shed those extra kilos, according to a recent study.
19 Mar 2018, 03:55 PM IST

E-cigarettes can harm your liver

Using e-cigarettes may lead to an accumulation of fat in the liver, a study of mice exposed to the devices suggests.
19 Mar 2018, 03:09 PM IST

This telehealth program offers hope for diabetics

Turns out, improving blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes patients is as easy as using a telehealth program.
18 Mar 2018, 01:49 PM IST

Young Indians in the radar of glaucoma

With over 70% of the Indians at a risk of developing glaucoma, on an average, over two lakh of them lose vision.
18 Mar 2018, 12:59 PM IST

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