Three-pronged strategy behind BJP win in UP

The stunning victory of Narendra Modi with over 320 seats in the AP State Assembly of 403 seats is indeed a tsunami that no one predicted as the party vote share jumped from just 15% in 2012 to 39.6% in 2017.

25 Mar 2017, 05:28 AM IST
Baseless charges against use of EVMs
25 Mar 2017, 04:56 AM IST
Blaming everything on global warming
24 Mar 2017, 04:16 AM IST
Women uplift key to sustainable growth
24 Mar 2017, 04:11 AM IST

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Why India needs more male health workers

Female health workers are the primary drivers of maternal health initiatives, but male health workers (MHWs) could complement their services significantly, according to a 2015 rese
24 Mar 2017, 04:02 AM IST

Special financial aid to AP a damp squib?

The Central government’s commitments to Andhra Pradesh emanate from four basic documents, ie., the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014, the report of the Fo
23 Mar 2017, 03:25 AM IST

Leveraging crops for human, soil nutrition

As per the assessments of experts, abnormal area expansion of cropping pattern that deters human and soil nutrition is one of the major factors that has led to crisis in crop produ
23 Mar 2017, 03:20 AM IST

Wolf at our door

The big bad wolf will come. This is what has dictated global climate change narrative for so long. The world has tiptoed around actions that need to be taken at a certain speed and
22 Mar 2017, 03:24 AM IST

Yogi faces first big challenge

When the Supreme Court advised the parties involved in the Ayodhya dispute to sit together and sort out the issue as it is an issue of sentiment and religion on Tuesday, it was rat
22 Mar 2017, 03:16 AM IST

Less demand for female labour force in rural India

National Sample Survey data shows a decline in rural women’s workforce participation between 2004-05 and 2011-12. Rising rural incomes and women’s education over the same perio
21 Mar 2017, 04:13 AM IST

Can Modi tame Yogi?

There is little doubt, however, that the choice of Yogi is one of the most audacious of gambles by Modi, far more than the demonetisation venture.
21 Mar 2017, 04:04 AM IST

Mother’s education key to child’s health

Policy-makers aiming to improve child health outcomes would do well to target more resources at women’s education, IndiaSpend’s analysis of National Family Health Survey 2015-1
21 Mar 2017, 04:00 AM IST

Tamil Nadu want development era to begin, not Dravidian era to continue

Interaction with people in different strata of the society in Tamil Nadu, one can easily learn that majority of people in Tamil Nadu do admit that they respect O Pannerselvam (OPS)
20 Mar 2017, 09:32 AM IST

Centre has to work on its promises for poor

It is indeed distressing to note the government’s cavalier attitude in fulfilling tall promises, it makes to the people. We hear of lot of initiatives being taken by it through t
20 Mar 2017, 02:58 AM IST

Urgent need to promote rural-centric incubators

In a country with a population of over a billion, over 60 percent of it is based in the interiors. However, in spite of a large public-funded science and technology infrastructure
20 Mar 2017, 02:55 AM IST

Can India Post be the answer to banks greed?

Imagine a bank with pan India presence where you need just Rs 50 minimum balance in your bank account (with no penalties) and Rs 20 is all you need to open this account. It might s
19 Mar 2017, 03:02 AM IST

Time ripe to reform medical education

India is ailing, when it comes to its health sector. On a very conservative estimate the country is short of 35 lakh-odd doctors across the country. Thus, while it is aspiring to g
19 Mar 2017, 02:58 AM IST

The twin burdens of AP’s economy

Rising subsidies and mounting public debts appear to be the twin disturbing features of AP’s economy post bifurcation. The budget for 2017-18 presented by Finance Minister Yanama
19 Mar 2017, 02:51 AM IST

Ignoring hard facts will be bitter for economy

The Budget for 2017-18 presented by the Finance Minister to the AP Assembly is very high on hopes in terms of inflating the budget size to a whopping amount of Rs 1,56,999 crore, a
19 Mar 2017, 02:47 AM IST

Voter’s benefit and Tamil Nadu innovation

Often many voters in India would ask what benefit the voters would get if they vote as the present system cannot be changed whether they vote or abstain from it. Only the brand nam
18 Mar 2017, 09:35 AM IST