Attempts to drive wedge among Telugus: JP

  Aug 19,2013 , 10:47 AM IST

Chennai: “Division of Andhra Pradesh is inevitable . However, we have to find out an amicable solution to the problems that are going to crop up as a result of the recent decision to form Telangana State,” said Jayapraksh Narayan, the president of Lok Satta Party. 

He was delivering a key-note address at a seminar on ‘Linguistic harmony in Indian democracy’ at Godvari Hall, Andhra Social Cultural Association, in Chennai.   Jayaprakash cautioned political leaders against playing with the emotions and sentiments of people, which will further divide Telugu-speaking people in the State. “While the feelings of Seemandhra people can be understood, the situation has reached a peak level and cannot be reverted, thanks to the political and cynical game being played by politicians in order to gain a majority seats to come back to power,” said the Lok Satta chief.  

The interests of Rayalaseema should also be taken into consideration while finding out a solution to the present crisis, he said. He also stressed the need to preserve linguistic harmony in the country whose secular fabric is intact because of the peaceful coexistence of people belonging to different cultures and languages.

Earlier, the supporters of Samaikandhra raised slogans in support of the unified State. The seminar was organised by Seva, a voluntary organization. It was presided over by its president D Satyaranarayana. Dr C M K Reddy, D Aneel Kumar Reddy, Adiseshayya, Puttajayaram J K Reddy, Subba Reddy, Suryaprakasha Rao and others participated in the seminar. Tanguturi Ramakirshna anchored the programme and Vijayendra Rao, general secretary of Seva, proposed a vote of thanks. 

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