The gaming industry saw a number of big ones last year, but there were many that didn't get the spotlight. Now that doesn't mean these weren't good. There's a good chance that you missed some of the very good ones. So, here's an attempt at getting them the spotlight they deserve.

Endless Legend

Fans of Civilization should take a look at this innovative game featuring interesting, asymmetric gameplay. Each faction requires a different approach to gameplay. You play as one of many races, each with a unique skillset; the Broken Lords are energy beings and cannot be bothered with food, the Cultists can have only one city, and the Necrophages have no concept of diplomacy, and so on. 


 The number of games that are set in India are few and this Kickstarter-backed India RPG is a breath of fresh air. It features a fresh Indian setting and some interesting game mechanics. It’s a short game, focussing on building and setting and story rather than pad the gameplay with unnecessary and contrived battles. 


 Another Kickstarted game that take the Terraria / Minecraft style of gameplay to heart, Crea features a cute art style and a sandbox with a modding system unlike any other. You can not only create quick and simple mods without any programming knowledge, but also brush up on Python and make mos that tap deep into core of the game engine. 

Blackwell Epiphany 

This decidedly retro-looking game feels like it might have been released in the 90s, but creativity never ages. The Blackwell series of adventure game is about an odd coupling of the ghost of a man from the 1930s with a woman who’s just found out she’s a medium. The long-running series ends with this charming and heartwarming fifth chapter. 

Neo Scavenger


Do you want to die repeatedly of something as trivial as minor cut that’s been bandaged with an improperly sterilized rag? Or how about from excessive diphtheria from consuming suspect berries? Despite the simple 2D graphics, this is a deep RPG survival game with strong mechanics and a penchant for murdering the protagonist.