It may have generated from the vintage gesture in which people whistled and taxis would halt in front of you. Yes, we’re talking about Ayesha Takia in ‘Wanted’ or the Lindsay Lohan in ‘Just My Luck’, but whatever the inspiration might have been for 23-year-old Rakesh Munnanooru to start ‘Whistle Drive’ platform, it sure comes as a handy tool for many.

The app sends professional drivers to one’s doorsteps on demand so you can be “chauffeured” around town. But, fret not! Even if you don’t have a car the app is linked with ‘Zoomcar’ and ‘Revv’ and your “chariot” will come to you. 

It’s been about a year since the platform began and already ‘Whistle Drive’ is going strong with 70 active drivers out of 300 appointed with drivers making 50 to 70 rides per day. 

“I make sure that the drivers we appoint are well experienced and safe to travel. Once we get their details wherein he also provides three reference numbers, our team verifies with the contact number provides and goes down to check about his background that includes police verification. Also he has to sign a bond that is up with certain restriction. We also take their Aadhar details,” shares Rakesh.

“Our main aim is safety of the customers, as 65 per cent of the customers are women and old people, so it is very necessary that we follow all this process to recruit drivers,” he adds.

The fares range from Rs 200 for the first two hours to Rs 1,250 for one day and anything in between. Sharing about his supporters for the startup he shares, “a Chicago based company named Strateolgy trusted my idea and helped me in the investments.”

“I am planning to launch services for parking solutions, car wash and other services at doorstep and many more. The only motto is to make the private car ownership simple and convenient. Now, this app is currently in Hyderabad but very soon I have plans to start in other cities too,” concludes the innovator.

By Bhagyashree Kottoori