Precision microfluidic device to detect pathogens developed

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 17,2017 , 05:38 AM IST


A group of South Korean scientists have developed a technology to manufacture a device that can quickly and precisely detect pathogens. "The team, led by Yoo Yeong-eun of the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials developed the microfluidic device that can be further commercialised for medical purposes," Yonhap news agency quoted Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning as saying on Sunday.

A microfluidic device is an instrument that uses very small amounts of fluid on a microchip to do certain laboratory tests. The device uses body fluids or solutions containing cells to diagnose diseases. The Ministry said the team has set up a startup to commercialise the technology after obtaining some dozen patents in South Korea and filing for two further patents in the US and Europe. The research was funded by the Ministry.

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