The garbage dumped on the Tammileru bund in Tangellamudi Panchayati, the outskirts of Eluru city
The garbage dumped on the Tammileru bund in Tangellamudi Panchayati, the outskirts of Eluru city

Eluru: The garbage collected from residential colonies, has been dumped on the embankment of Tammileru rivulet, opposite to FCI godowns, in Tangellamudi Panchayat, on Eluru city outskirts, due to negligence of the Grama Panchayati officials.

Tangellamudi, an village on the outskirt with a population of around 11,000 is rapidly developing area in Eluru. The new colonies are coming around the Tangellamudi village on the embankment of the Tammileru Rivulet. Even though it was a Grama Panchayati, almost joined in the city, the Grama Panchayati used to collect the garbage from the houses situated in the panchayati limits on a daily bases and were dumping it on the Tammileru rivulet bund over the past six months. 

Besides the dumping of the garbage, the remains of dismantled buildings and houses are also being dumping on the rivulet bund.  The passers-by are facing troubles with the foul smell emanating from the garbage. Scores of pigs are wandering around the garbage and cluttering the place. The Panchayati sanitation staff themselves have been using the rivulet bund as a dumping yard as there was no separate dumping yard to the Grama Panchayati. 

The District Collector, K Bhaskar has repeatedly been directing the Panchayati officials to complete the dumping yards construction in all the panchayats to make the villages as clean. However, no one cared about the cleanliness in the village.

They just collect the garbage from the houses and have been dumping it on the rivulet bund.  Several villagers nearby complained about the sanitation problem and pig menace in that area. So far no action was initiated by the Panchayati.  The FCI godown which stores the food grains is the worst hit with the foul smell emanating and the spreading of the garbage with gusty winds that flow across the rivulet bund.

Abdul Shukur, a resident of Tangellamudi said over months, the garbage was being dumped on the Tammileru rivulet bund. The waste material gathered from the demolition of buildings in nearby colonies and in Tangellamudi village is also being dumped in the rivulet. “It seems the people are filling up the Tammileru rivulet with this waste material and garbage. 

The garbage is spreading on the Eluru-Chintalapudi road causing severe hardships to the bikers.  Adding to this problem, scores pigs are wandering around the garbage making a mess opposite to FCI godown”, he added. When trying to contact the Panchayati officials, there was no response from them on the menace.

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