IOT is the future, experts tell engineering students

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 04,2016 , 04:45 AM IST

Chirala: The speakers at the one-day symposium of ‘Internet of Things’, organized by the Chirala Engineering College, on Thursday advised the students to learn about the latest technology and be prepared for the future.

The computer science and information technology department of the college organized the symposium in association with the Efftronics Systems Pvt Ltd, one of the leading companies working on things connected over internet. S Bhavani Sankar, executive manager, R&D department of the Efftronics explained, “Connecting of various things using internet using sensors is the latest technology. The governments and industries are looking at it after knowing the unlimited possibilities with the technology. The Central government’s initiatives like smart cities, Digital India are going to depend on a part of the technology. The technology is going to bring revolutionary changes in the aviation, automobile, telecom, health and medicine, transport, agriculture and media fields. The students should learn about the latest technology, which is going to influence the future.”

Venkata Naresh and Bharghava Teja explained the technologies that are developed by the Efftronics and are being utilized by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation along with the Indian Railways and demonstrated them for the students. They encouraged the students to know about the technology, as there would be ample opportunities in the future.

The college joint secretary, Tella Ashok Kumar, principal Syed Kamaluddin, PG college principal CV Brahmachari, HOD of CSIT M Venkata Rao and other staff participated in the symposium.

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