Paddy farmers at the mercy of millers: Cong

THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 12,2017 , 02:21 AM IST


Vijayawada: State Congress official spokesperson Kolanukonda Sivaji demanded that the State government provide Minimum Support Price (MSP) to paddy farmers. In a press release here on Wednesday, Sivaji said farmers were being denied MSP in the kharif season and they were at the mercy of rice millers.

Farmers cultivating black gram, tobacco, cotton and maize are losing investments due to failure of government in providing MSP, he pointed out.

 He alleged that paddy produce of farmers was being rejected at Paddy Purchase Centres for various reasons as there was understanding between Paddy Purchase Centres and millers.

On the other hand, retail prices of rice in open market increasing day by day and traders were fleecing consumers by selling rice at highest rates even as new produce was flowing into the market.

The fate of farmers cultivating commercial crops was not different, he said. Cotton farmers did not get Rs 5,000 per quintal against the fair price Rs 8,000, Sivaji said.

 He demanded the State government release white paper on the production of paddy and purchase of the same at Paddy Purchase Centres.


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